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SFDFF 2022 Podcast
SFDFF Encore Shorts-Fly Me to the Moon
2022 Fall Festival
2022 Fall Festival
SFDFF presents its 13th annual Festival. From October 28 - November 7, international and locally produced dance films will be featured in various San Francisco theaters and streamed online. At the close of the Festival an invited jury will announce its award selections and give cash prizes in six categories.

Programs announced September 6
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SFDFF Presents Encore Shorts
Encore Shorts is a new series highlighting selections from our 2021 festival. The free, bi-monthly series spotlights one film at a time, inviting you to dive deep into a film and the talented creative team behind it.
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Welcome to Dance Film SF

Founded in 2010, Dance Film SF is a nonprofit organization that brings dance to new audiences through the presentation and development of dance-based media. In addition to presenting the award-winning San Francisco Dance Film Festival, DFSF’s year-round activities include special screenings, panels, and filmmaking workshops. Through our touring and outreach programs, we send highlight reels to international screens and dance media into local schools. DFSF also produces original dance films through our Co-Laboratory program, matching top choreographers with professional filmmakers and creating the time, space, and budget for them to collaborate.

SFDFF Summer Shorts on Marquee TV

Marquee TV’s popular Summer Shorts Festival returns in August with a series of free short films available for global audiences to watch and enjoy. The collection of 31 short films has been carefully curated by the Marquee TV team, with a particular focus on films that show how the arts help people express themselves and talk about difficult topics, this year’s Marquee TV Summer Shorts Festival celebrates the true power of the arts on an international level. Including these wonderful films from SFDFF. WATCH NOW

Babatunji Johnson live performance, Coppelia opening night with Michaela DePrince, Amit Patel live performance

During the pandemic, live artistic experiences have been painfully disrupted, but with your help, we at Dance Film SF (DFSF) have been weathering the storm and continuing to find unique ways to bring people together to celebrate the beauty and power of dance through film.

Whether you are considering becoming a new supporter or renewing an annual gift, don’t miss the chance to have your tax-deductible gift matched. With this opportunity, a $25 gift becomes $50 or a $125 gift miraculously becomes $250. Thanks again to our loyal dance film lovers who continually inspire and support our efforts to reframe dance through film. DONATE TODAY!

2022 Award Jury

We are so pleased to announce the award jury for SFDFF 2022: Sarah Cecilia Bukowski, Pablo Riquelme Cuartero, Maia De Zan Hatch, Joe Goode, and Sabrina Sellers. These jurors have a spectacular range of expertises, from dance to film to writing to acting, which they will use to independently select winning films in six categories.
Learn More About the Jury

Encore Shorts

Announcing SFDFF Encore Shorts

We are excited to announce our new dance film series, SFDFF Encore Shorts! This bi-monthly, online series spotlights short dance films from our 2021 festival. Encore Shorts will highlight one film at a time to highlight a filmmaker and their practice, extending SFDFF’s dedication to sharing uniquely compelling dance films all year round.

Sign up today for this free list to receive a specially selected short dance film in your inbox twice per month. SIGN UP FOR ENCORE SHORTS MAILINGS


Marquee TV Summer Shorts 2022 SFDFF

Marquee TV Summer Shorts 2022

SFDFF returns to Marquee TV’s Summer Shorts festival this August. Enjoy free access to thirty one short films including six selected by SFDFF! All films are available to watch through August 31.

SFDFF 2022 Award Jury

2022 Award Jury Members

We are pleased to announce our 2022 SF Dance Film Festival Award Jury. These jury members were selected for their deep expertise in dance, film, and culture, and will select winners in seven categories

Museum of Dance Cinema at Santa Fe

SFDFF in Santa Fe

SFDFF partners with Museum of Dance’s Moving Southwest Festival to present eMotion, a selection of nine dance films featuring a colorful ride through the landscape of human emotions


Dances for Camera 2022

SFDFF and San Francisco Public Library continue the tradition of presenting the festival’s popular highlight reels, showcasing an eclectic selection of short dance films from around the world

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