dance screen 2013 with SFDFF Festival Archive

A) Live Performance Relay | B) Camera Re-work | C) Screendance | D) Documentary


Multi-camera relay/capture of a live dance performance

002_Caligula (c) Idéale Audience Caligula

(FRANCE, 2011) 82min
Director: Philippe Béziat
Choreographer: Nicolas Le Riche
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First performed in 2005, “Caligula” is Étoile Dancer Nicolas Le Riche’s first choreography for the Paris Opera Ballet.

003_C(H)OEURS (c) Javier del RealC(H)OEURS

(GERMANY/SPAIN, 2012) 100min
Director: Andreas Morell
Choreographer: Alain Platel
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For years, the tension between the group and the individual has been the central theme in Alain Platel’s performances. In C(H)OEURS he examines – together with his dancers and the Teatro Real choir – how “dangerously beautiful” a group can be.

004_Cinderella - Anna Tsygankova & Matthew Golding (c) Angela Stirling

(NETHERLANDS/USA, 2012) 118min
Director: Jeff Tudor
Choreographer: Christopher Wheeldon
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Prokofiev’s timeless ballet “Cinderella” is presented in a compelling new choreography by British choreographer Christopher Wheeldon.

006_Dance & Quartet Three Ballets by Heinz Spoerli, Salzburg Festival (c) ORF/Ali SchaflerDance & Quartet –
Three Ballets By Heinz Spoerli

(GERMANY/AUSTRIA, 2012) 94min
Director: Agnes Méth
Choreographer: Heinz Spoerli
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The Swiss grand master of dance, Heinz Spoerli, presents three works he choreographed for his Zurich Ballet set to three works of string quartet literature performed by the renowned Hagen Quartett.

Folie a Deux © Nel Shelby ProductionsFolie À Deux

(USA, 2014) 11min
Director: Adam Barruch
Choreographer: Adam Barruch
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“Folie à Deux” is an exploration into the interior landscapes of two people whose acts of intimacy are the fantasy that thinly veils a greater discord.

013_Lac 2013 (c) L PhilippeLac 2013

(FRANCE, 2013) 92min
Director: Jean-Christophe Maillot, Denis Caiozzi
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Jean-Christophe Maillot presents us with his personal vision of “Swan Lake”.

014_Le rendez-vous 2010 (c) Adeniau2010Le Rendez-vous 2010

(FRANCE, 2010) 87min
Director: Vincent Bataillon
Choreographer: Roland Petit
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Based on a poem by Jacques Prévert, “Le Rendez-vous” is a fascinating work which tells the story of a young man outside a dance-hall who reads his horoscope predicting his imminent death.

015_The Children of Paradise (c) Michel LidvacLes Enfants Du Paradis

(FRANCE, 2010) 139min
Choreographer: José Martinez

Drawing on Jacques Prévert’s scenario for the French classic movie by Marcel Carné, this is Étoile dancer José Martinez’s first major ballet for the Paris Opera Ballet.

016_LOL (c) Nuno SantosLOL (Lots Of Love)

(UK, 2012) 71min
Director: Don Boyd, Jonathan Bloom
Choreographer: Luca Silvestrini
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Against a video wall of screen-gazing individuals, six cyber souls stylishly nail the language of life online in their quest for romance in Protein’s award-winning show.

017_Magnificat (c) Ismael lorenzoMagnificat – If Today Was Tomorrow, And Yesterday Today

Choreographer: Heinz Spoerli
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A performance in which images, ideas and thoughts run together without needing narration, without a pause and without any chance to applaud in between. The musical point of departure is Bachʼs “Magnificat.”

Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake In 3DMatthew Bourne’s Swan Lake In 3D

(UK, 2011) 118min
Director: Matthew Bourne, Ross MacGibbon
Choreographer: Matthew Bourne
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Matthew Bourne blends dance, humor and spectacle with extravagant, award-winning designs by Lez Brotherston, to create a provocative and powerful “Swan Lake” for our times.

021_Notre Dame de Paris - Natalia Osipova & Roberto BolleNotre-Dame De Paris

(FRANCE/ITALY, 2013) 120min
Choreographer: Roland Petit
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Esmeralda, Quasimodo, Frollo and Phoebus: four great characters around which a highly dramatic, passionate story revolves.

027_Scheherazade - Alonzo King Lines Ballet (c) RJ MunaScheherazade

(GERMANY/USA, 2011) 47min
Director: Andreas Morell
Choreographer: Alonzo King
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A re-envisioning of the ancient collection of Persian, Sanskrit, and Arabic stories of 1001 Nights.

031_The last Bounce (c) Daniel OhlssonThe Last Bounce

(SWEDEN, 2010) 58min
Choreographer: Fredrik Rydman
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Bounce – Sweden’s most successful dance company ever – round off their long and successful career with a spectacular performance at the Ericsson Globe.

The Little Mermaid - Yuan Yuan Tan & Lloyd Riggins (c) Erik TomassonThe Little Mermaid

Director: Thomas Grimm
Choreographer: John Neumeier
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Hamburg Ballet Director and Chief Choreographer John Neumeier blends dance, dramatic storytelling and spectacle into a stunning interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen’s fable featuring San Francisco Ballet.

033_The Nutcracker - Vienna State Opera 2012 (c) ORF - Ali SchafflerThe Nutcracker

(GERMANY/AUSTRIA, 2012) 101min
Director: Michael Beyer
Choreographer: Rudolf Nureyev

A new production of Rudolf Nureyev’s staging of Tchaikovsky’s classic at the Wiener Staatsoper with a fin-de-siècle set.


Adaptation of an existing choreography

040_A Touch of Red (c) Steven CrichtonA Touch Of Red

(UK, 2013) 11min
Director: Emile Shemilt
Choreographer: Nicole Guarino
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To create new paths, sometimes you have to adopt a different point of view. But how easy is it to observe yourself from the outside?

041_Bye - Sylvie Guillem (c) Lesley Leslie-SpinksBye

(SWEDEN, 2012) 21min
Director: Mats Ek
Choreography: Mats Ek
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The playful title “Ajö” (“Bye”) is described by Ek as being “… about a woman who takes leave of a certain stage in her life. It is a conversation that she has with herself that leads to new experiences.”

043_How Like An Angel (c) Danny HigginsHow Like An Angel

(UK/AUSTRALIA, 2012) 47min
Director: Robert Hollingworth, Yaron Lifschitz, Circa
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A highly unusual piece featuring contemporary circus in UK cathedrals. Polyphonic Films presents a response to the show in film, capturing the essence of this ground-breaking collaboration.


Choreographic work specifically created for the screen, including experimental films, animation & narrative fiction.

050_Aloft - Kate Duhamel (c) Fountain 3 FilmsAloft

(USA, 2012) 3min
Director: Kate Duhamel
Choreography: Yuri Zhukov
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A collaboration between director Kate Duhamel and choreographer Yuri Zhukov to create an original 3D dance video overlooking the San Francisco Bay.

Baltic Dance Theatre At PGE Arena GdanskBaltic Dance Theatre At PGE Arena Gdansk

(POLAND, 2011) 2min
Director: Radeck Moenert, Karabin Maszynowy
Choreography: Izadora Weiss
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This short movie presents a real fusion of modern dance culture and sports venue that could be possible only in Gdansk (Poland).


(USA, 2012) 3min
Director: Mitchell Rose
Choreographer: Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
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A dancer is confronted by an onslaught of attackers, illustrating that our days are battles, from which we find respite in simple human contact.

060_Dervishes (c) RJ MunaDervishes

(USA, 2012) 3min
Director: RJ Muna
Choreography: Katherine Helen Fisher
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A study of movement and physical architecture based on the characteristics of circular movement.

061_Double Take - Jeremy & Michael Hodges (c) Wiliam KnightDouble Take

(UK, 2012) 3min
Director: Samuel Hodges
Choreography: Ben Duke
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Inspired by the story of real-life identical twin dancers, “Double Take” is a story of family rivalry and aging bodies, charting each man’s journey to re-connect with his mirror and find redemption along a trail of forgotten memories.

063_Drawing Blank (c) Bill KerriganDrawing Blank

(CANADA, 2012) 6min
Director: Stefan Verna
Choreographer: Emily Honegger
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A dream-like story of impermanence told through dance and stop-motion painting. The main character discovers a magical property inside a discarded ink sketch.

065_Frutiger (c) Lukas AllmaierFrutiger

(AUSTRIA, 2012) 4min
Director: Hubert Lepka, Stefan Aglassinger
Choreography: Mirjam Klebel, lawine torrèn
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The demolition of the University of Salzburg is documented by performative archeology as an “invisible tale.”

068_Harlots Web - Holly Rothschild (c) Luke RothschildHarlot’s Web

(USA, 2012) 3min
Director: Robert Amjarv
Choreography: Holly Rothschild
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A sinister and satirical ‘omage to film noir and the plight of post war women!

070_INsoundOUT (c) Patrick JurányiINsoundOUT

(AUSTRIA, 2012) 1min
Director: Patrick Jurányi, Boldog Vince
Choreography: Patrick Jurányi
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“The Idea was to let the audience listen to the sound of the muscle inside of the body when it moves.” —Patrick Jurányi

074_Lion Night and Day - Kate Duhamel(c) Sandy Lee_02Lion — Night and Day

(USA, 2012) 4min
Director: Kate Duhamel
Choreography: Garen Scribner, Sergio Benvindo
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A collaboration of Kate Duhamel (director), Garen Scribner and Sergio Benvindo (dancers), and Ben Joudvalkis (musician) to create a soulful dance for the screen.

076_Metube-Augustsings Carmen Habanera (c) Moshel Film 2013, J. MohrMeTube: August Sings Carmen Habanera

(AUSTRIA, 2013) 4min
Director: Daniel Moshel
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A fusion of new media, classical opera singing interpreted in a modern manner and artistic, ingenious self-promotion laced with a dose of self-mockery.

087_Reflections (c) Cody T. WilliamsReflections

(USA, 2012) 5min
Director: Lenora Lee
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Traditionally, Chinese lion dances at festivals bring good luck and drive away misfortune. However, in this short film, the lions represent dual roles of heroism and inner demons for a man coming to terms with his identity.

090_Sidewalk - Melecio Estrella & Damara Vita GanleySidewalk

(USA, 2011) 3min
Director: Lindsay Gauthier
Choreography: Heather Baer
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A dream of love caught outside of gravity.

092_Skizm - Ida Szűcs Dóra(c) Marcell Andristyak 02Skizm

(HUNGARY, 2012) 4min
Director: Marcell Andristyak
Choreography: Ida Szűcs Dóra
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Skizm is a contemporary dance video, the upshot of an experiment aiming to study the shape and movement of the body from different viewpoints. In its centre there is a process of an inner alteration.

The Flying Steps & Ryan DoyleThe Flying Steps & Ryan Doyle

(AUSTRIA, 2011) 5min
Director: Peter Clausen
Choreography: Vartan Bassil
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With parcour artist Ryan Doyle, seven dancers from 4-time world champion breakdance crew “Flying Steps” show off remarkable power moves in stereo 3D and super-slow-motion.

094_The Mushroom CloudThe Mushroom Cloud

(NETHERLANDS, 2012) 2min
Director: Gijs Kerbosch
Choreography: Guy Weizman, Roni Haver
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101_Waterdrops (c) Altin KaftiraWaterdrops

(NETHERLANDS, 2012) 2min
Director: Altin Kaftira
Choreography: Juanjo Arques
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Flowing movements over a surface of water.

102_White - Sarah Van Pattern (c) Austin ForbordWhite

(USA, 2012) 5min
Director: Tiit Helimets, Austin Forbord
Choreography: Tiit Helimets
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Created by Tiit Helimets, this film tells the story of how visual art can be created through dance.

105_Written in the Margins (c) RJ MunaWritten in the Margins

(USA, 2012) 4min
Director: RJ Muna
Choreography: Wendy Rein, Ryan T. Smith
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“Seems we often find ourselves in places without remembering the steps we took to get there. Moving from episode to episode, we can meet, go crazy and find peace again, all without taking a single stride.”—RJ Muna


Choreographic work specifically created for the screen, including experimental films, animation & narrative fiction.

121_Body of a Dancer (c) Daniel Gallenkamp N.S.C.Body Of A Dancer

(NETHERLANDS, 2012) 6min
Director: Daniel Gallenkamp
Choreography: Tim Persent
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By showing what our eyes normally can’t see in real time, this cinematic poem brings an ode to dancers and what they are able to do with their body and mind.

125_Carlys ExitCarly’s Exit

(UK, 2012) 7min
Director: Harry Amies
Choreography: Taira Foo
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“Carly’s Exit” is an uplifting and passionate expression of the fight to save a loved one from self-destruction.

133_Dance Me To the End of Love (c) Leeanna Walsman & Oliver Torr (c) Ross Giardina, Godmart ProductionsDance Me To The End Of Love

(AUSTRALIA, 2012) 11min
Director: Martha Goddard
Choreography: Richard James Allen
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A touring duo dance their final performance in this compelling and intimate portrait of fading love.

141_Feast (c) Sergio CruzFeast

(UK, 2012) 8min
Director: Sergio Cruz, Marc Brew
Choreography: Marc Brew
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Set in a medieval castle in both contemporary and period costume, “Feast” captures the timeless atmosphere of families, their tensions, conflicts and celebrations, at the dining table.

154_Ingrid (c) Greg ArmstrongIngrid

(USA, 2012) 7min
Director: Alise Anderson
Choreography: Alise Anderson
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An isolated and neurotic women is longing for a man to love her. The tall, dark, and handsome gentleman of her fantasies suddenly appears, but his limp expressionless form leaves much to be desired.

161_May & June (c) RJ MunaMay & June

(USA, 2011) 11min
Director: Rachael Lincoln, Leslie Seiters
Choreography: Rachael Lincoln, Leslie Seiters
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Two imaginative sisters live their entire lives in 11 minutes on a couch.


(USA, 2013) 5min
Director: Quinn Wharton
Choreography: Quinn Wharton

An improvisational piece based on gears and pulleys of the body.

163_Mirroring (c) Marc de MeijerSpiegelingen (Mirroring)

(NETHERLANDS, 2011) 12min
Director: Marinus Groothof
Choreography: Dunja Jocic
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A man is drawn into an abandoned house. As he explores the house he notices that it is bigger from the inside than the outside.

166_Momentum (c) Aline ReinsbachMomentum

(GERMANY, 2012) 7min
Director: Boris Seewald
Choreography: Boris Seewald
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For some it is just an ordinary party snack, but for Patrick, a tortilla chip started a moment of self-discovery. With exuberant dancing and magical passion he shares his inspiration and invites every one to participate.

174_Outside In (c) Photo- Petrus Sjövik, Starring- Tove SkeidsvollOutside In

(SWEDEN, 2011) 10min
Director: Tove Skeidsvoll, Petrus Sjövik, Tyrandora
Choreography: Tove Skeidsvoll
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Cecilia dances inside a forest. She moves in front of a film crew who direct her movements. When the camera gets too close to Cecilia she decides to go her own way.

176_Postcards from east London (c) Rachel CherryPostcards From East London

(UK, 2012) 12min
Director: Anton Califano, Jevan Chowdhury, Rachel Davies; Choreography: Sara Gordon, Alesandra Seutin, Rosie Whitney-Fish
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Over a period of six months, eight East London based artists worked with young people and elders in Tower Hamlets to create short moving postcards of their area.

191_The Time it Takes (c) Katrina McPhersonThe Time It Takes

(UK, 2013) 11min
Director: Katrina McPherson, Simon Fildes
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Improvising dancers Simon Ellis, Dai Jain and Rosalind Masson in a new film by award-winning screendance artists Katrina McPherson and Simon Fildes, filmed on the Western Isles of Scotland.

196_TurnAround Tango - Lisa Gelley & Josh Martin (c) Donald RobitailleTurnAround Tango

(CANADA, 2012) 7min
Director: Marites Carino
Choreography: 605 Collective
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A well-dressed quirky couple puts a twist on the sultry dance form, and back-to-back becomes the new cheek-to-cheek.

200_Veronica & Vincent (c) Ben EstabrookVeronica & Vincent

(USA, 2012) 6min
Director: Amy Seiwert
Choreography: Amy Seiwert
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Inspired by a true-life relationship and set to a musical score by Daniel Bernard Roumain, “Veronica and Vincent” captures that longing for connection and the nostalgia that can arise when that opportunity is no longer available. 

201_Well-Contested-Sites-c-Maria-Healey.jpgWell Contested Sites

(UK, 2012) 13min
Director: Amie Dowling, Austin Forbord
Choreography: Amie Dowling, Natalie Greene
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Drawing upon formerly incarcerated men’s experiences and physical memories, “Well Contested Sites” explores the idea that a prisoner’s body is a contested site.


Choreographic work specifically created for the screen, including experimental films, animation & narrative fiction.

40_m_under_1_stor_040m Under

(SWEDEN, 2009) 19min
Director: Alexander Ekman, Martin Steinberg
Choreography: Alexander Ekman
US premiere screening | View Trailer

The film was recorded in a former reactor hall; it focuses on a few people who carry out an installation underground.

206_All This Can Happen (c) Otto the Giant, courtesy of British PatheAll This Can Happen

(UK, 2012) 50min
Director: Siobhan Davies, David Hinton
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A flickering dance of intriguing imagery brings to light the possibilities of ordinary movements from the everyday. Made entirely from archive photographs and footage from the earliest days of moving image. View Trailer

214_Fanfare For Marching Band (c) Sanghoon LeeFanfare For Marching Band

(USA, 2012) 16min
Director: Danièle Wilmouth
Choreography: Peter Carpenter
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Saturated colors, euphoric music, and ecstatic dance choreography fail to engage an immobilized public.

226_One Man Walking (c) Andrew LambOne Man Walking

(UK, 2011) 17min
Director: Margaret Williams
Choreography: Kenrick Sandy
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Explores some of the intensity and challenges of life in the metropolis, using krump – an expressive and highly energetic dance movement – combined with the uplifting, soaring excitement of free-running.

227_Pedestrian Crossing - Aaron Spencer & Colin Epstein (c) Eric GarciaPedestrian Crossing

(USA, 2012) 20min
Director: Eric Garcia, Kat Cole
Choreography: Eric Garcia, Kat Cole
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In an unprecedented merger of dance, theatricality, and high visual imagery, “Pedestrian Crossing” reveals unexpected moments of imagination within and among our everyday activities.


(AUSTRIA/SLOVAKIA, 2010) 19min
Director: Peter Bebjak
Choreography: Yuri Korec, Helene Weinzierl
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A dance film about the phenomenon of multiple personality disorder. The story of the woman who faces this illness is based in an authentic history.


Profile of a choreographer, a dance company, the choreographic process, dance history or other related subjects.

239_Alonzo King Poet of Dance (c) Monarda ArtsAlonzo King – Poet Of Dance

(GERMANY, 2011) 52min
Director: Marita Stocker
Choreography: Alonzo King
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The choreographer Alonzo King, acclaimed as “one of the few, true ballet masters of our times” by William Forsythe, works with his company “The Alonzo King LINES Ballet” in San Francisco.

241_BalletBoyz - The Next Generation (c) Panayiotis SinnosBalletBoyz: The Next Generation

(UK, 2011) 19min
Director: Michael Nunn, William Trevitt

Filmed over two years in the UK and on location in Ethiopia, the documentary follows the group as they travel to Addis Ababa to become the first UK dance company to perform in Ethiopia.

Being Alice: The Making of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland - Lauren Cuthbertson, Ricardo Cervera & Steven McRae (c) Johan PerssonBeing Alice: The Making of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

(UK, 2010) 30min
Director: Dominic Best
Choreography: Christopher Wheeldon
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This documentary follows the creation of the Royal Ballet’s first full-length ballet with a newly commissioned score in 20 years.

243_Budding Stars (c) Schuch ProdBudding Stars

(FRANCE, 2012) 26min
Director: Françoise Marie
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This series spans a school year of the most famous dance school in the world – where the greatest “étoiles” or principal dancers are trained.

244_Dance inspires (c) Nina SauruggDance Inspires…

(AUSTRIA, 2012) 16min
Director: Nina Saurugg
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“Summer 2012, I went to the ImPulsTanz Vienna international dance festival as a student. I took my camera with me and started to film because I was so inspired by dancing. This is the result.” —Nina Saurugg

Inmates Rising!Inmates Rising!

(USA, 2013) 4min
Choreography: Debbie Allen

Incarcerated men and women joined the global One Billion Rising movement to end violence and sexual oppression. A truly moving experience reflecting the power of dance as a vehicle for restorative justice.

260_Living-The-Dance.jpgLiving The Dance

(NETHERLANDS, 2010) 90min
Director: Marijke Jongbloed
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In 1980, five dancers were dreaming of a career in dance. For thirty years, Marijke Jongbloed followed them on their way to the top. Did they manage to make their dream come true?

263_Passage - Carla Körbes, Portrait of a Ballerina (c) Patrick FraserPassage: Carla Körbes,
Portrait Of A Ballerina

(USA, 2012) 5min
Director: Patrick Fraser

“Passage” is a short documentary about the process of becoming a professional Ballerina. Carla Körbes, Principal with the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle, talks about her journey from starting out at a young age and passing through personal chapters in her ballet career.

265_Rain (c) Claes RochetteRain

(FRANCE, 2012) 80min
Director: Olivia Rochette, Gerard-Jan Claes
Choreographer: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
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On 25 May 2011, the world-renowned Ballet de l’Opéra national de Paris presented “Rain”, its first ever performance of a choreography by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. The filmmakers followed the rehearsal process from the auditions to the opening performance.

282_The Six Seasons (c) Gilles DelmasThe Six Seasons

(FRANCE, 2012) 51min
Director: Gilles Delmas
Choreographer: Akram Khan
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A poetic documentary, “The Six Seasons” is a film mirroring the creation of “Desh”, a solo show by Akram Khan. The project is a reflection of his origins: Bangladesh.

283_The Stage (c) Anders Urmacher The Stage

(USA, 2012) 3min
Director: Pierce Jackson
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David Hallberg, dancer with the American Ballet Theatre and the Bolshoi Ballet, speaks about his desire and drive for perfection in the art of ballet.