2014 Film Selections

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* Student Film

Films San Francisco Dance Film Festival, 99

(USA, 2013) 15:00
Director: Kimberly Warner
Choreographer: Emily Bartha
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Standing on the threshold between innocence and experience, a young ballerina teeters between light and dark, order and chaos. “9” is a coming of age tale about the mysterious and sometimes frightening initiations that usher us into our becoming.

Films, San Francisco Dance Film Festival 2014A Day In The Life

(USA, 2013) 4:57
Director: Stephanie Salts
Choreographer: Stephanie Salts

What if your shoes could tell your story for you?

afc_2A Full Circle – Movement #1

(Canada, 2014) 4:25
Director: Rodrigo Rocha-Campos
Choreographer: Lisa Ho

Death and rebirth, future and the past, beginning and the end. You and I in a full circle.

JuiceBoxAfternoonA Juice Box Afternoon

(USA, 2014) 7:29
Director: Lily Baldwin
Choreographer: Lily Baldwin
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Fall into the exhilarating story of Anne Morrow Lindbergh told through her own writing as she comes of age, meets Charles Lindbergh, and experiences flight in more ways than one.

AloneintheTheaterAlone? in the theatre!

(Germany, 2013) 2:55
Director: Max Zachrisson
Choreographer: Max Zachrisson
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A man finds himself alone in the Staatstheater Nürnberg, his lonely experience becoming a joyful one.

alterego_posterframe2Alter Ego

(USA, 2014) 5:51
Director: RJ Muna
Choreographers: Katherine Helen Fisher, Natalie Lomont
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A film based on the lifelong experience of two women from birth to death.

alterego_screenshot_10Alter Ego

(Germany, 2012) 4:09
Director: Simon Ruschmeyer
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Diving through the mind’s eye … sifting debris of the splintering conscious … lurking in chambers of hope and memory …. spark ignites the other in self … stealing dominion in fragile reality … both collide … who shall prevail?

amauros_still2Amauros (3)

(Switzerland, 2014) 2:08
Director: Nicole Seiler
Choreographer: Nicole Seiler
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Audio description makes films accessible to visually impaired audiences by describing the visual elements of the work. By removing the visual elements of film, one can conjure an imaginary dance.

AtCloseDistanceAt Close Distance *

(USA, 2013) 5:10
Director: Blair Brown
Choreographers: Blair Brown, Ildiko Polony

“At Close Distance” reflects on the close, and yet sometimes distant, interactions between human beings in a crowded San Francisco.

BalletSpiralBallet Spiral

(Belgium, 2013) 3:17
Director: Sam Asaert

Stop and pause for a moment. Behold and reflect upon the static beauty, dying movements leave in their wake.
Experience the worlds of dance as never before.

BigWideBig Wide

(UK, 2010-2013) 3:57
Director: Wilkie Branson
Choreographer: Wilkie Branson
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Nestled between the security of home and the unknown of a wider world a young man and his guardian exchange a dialogue of movement, as he longs to venture into the unknown. Drawn to leave this place of sanctity but yearning to stay.


(USA, 2013) 18:32
Director: John Kirkscey
Choreographers: LaShonte Anderson, Rafael Ferreras, Dylan G-Bowley, Jonathan Gaston
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Two Memphis jookers (urban dancers) and two ballet dancers fuse their dance styles to a soundtrack that mixes hip-hop beats and cello at a famous Memphis juke joint.

BriefCandleBrief Candle

(Canada, 2013) 6:17
Director: Duncan McDowall
Choreographer: Duncan McDowall
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Andrew Wyeth’s ‘Christina’s World’ is put into motion, and explores how bio-electricity galvanizes into discovering muscular intelligence.

BubenicekBubenicek *

(Germany, 2013) 17:30
Director: Dieu Hao Do
Choreographer: Jiri Bubenicek
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An intimate portrait of Czech ballet twins Jiří and Otto Bubeníček as they step outside their roles as world class dancers and explore their relationship as brothers.

CarryItOnCarry it on…

(USA, 2013) 18:45
Director: Sharon Leahy
Choreographer: Sharon Leahy
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Stepping back and in time. The roots run deep. Feel the power of rhythm to call us together.


(USA, 2014) 6:44
Director: Kevin Jenkins
Choreographer: Kevin Jenkins

Dancers take a step back in time to the styles of Charlie Chaplin.


(Germany, 2013) 1:46
Director: Boris Seewald
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Three performances are brought together as one conducts the movement of the other two.

Dan'sHouseDan’s House

(USA, 2012) 19:37
Director: Michelle Fletcher
Choreographer: Michelle Fletcher
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“Dan’s House” features revered modern dance choreographer Dan Wagoner, at his 18th century home with three guests and their activities on a summer day in rural Romney, West Virginia.

DanceWithMeDance With Me

(Spain, 2014) 5:00
Director: Cristina Molino
Choreographer: Samuel Retortillo
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Ella and Eric live an intense and heartbreaking love story. A promise will make it last forever.


(USA, 2011) 4:12
Director: Justin Tipping
Choreographer: Natasha Adorlee Johnson
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An urban take on the Pinocchio tale; what happens when creation comes to life outside the factory? Directed by Justin Tipping, Amp Live is a musical Gepetto wandering the mannequin factory scouring for parts. He takes his mannequin to the desert and imagination soars in this fantastical world.


(USA, 2014) 3:00
Director: Kate Duhamel
Choreographer: Yuri Zhukov
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“Dirge” is a modern interpretation of a funeral dance. Commissioned and broadcast as part of Channel 4’s Random Acts series.

EnemyWithin2Enemy Within: The Making Of & Short Film

(USA, 2013) 45:00
Director, Making Of: Eric Seals
Director, Short Film: David Anderson
Choreographer: Preston Miller
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A behind-the-scenes documentary accompanying the short film “The Enemy Within”, featuring some of America’s top dancers in an unprecedented collaboration as they explore a unique blending of dance genres. Featuring New York City Ballet’s Tiler Peck, Dragon House Crew member Marquese Scott, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s Matthew Rushing, and Complexions Contemporary Ballet’s Samantha Figgins.


(USA, 2013) 9:34
Director: RJ Muna
Choreographer: Jodi Lomask
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“Flock” is a segment of Capacitor’s show ‘biome’. It was inspired by Craig Reynold’s rules of flocking: Don’t bump into another, keep up with your neighbors, and don’t stray.


(UK, 2012) 5:00
Directors: Sima Gonsai, Babis Alexidis
Choreographer: Lee Fisher
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Freefall are one of the only companies in the West Midlands, UK that is comprised of performers with learning disabilities. The dancers’ unique imaginations allow choreographers and filmmakers to explore new creative possibilities.


(Australia, 2014) 14:47
Directors: Erin Fowler, Nick Graalman
Choreographer: Erin Fowler
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Mother Earth is struggling for survival in an increasingly degraded and urbanised planet. “Gaia” uses the evocative blend of movement, music and film to highlight this reality.

3Glace crevasse et dérive

(Canada, 2013) 9:42
Directors: Albert Girard, Chantal Caron
Choreographer: Chantal Caron
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This film is a metaphorical piece about death and the perpetual cycle of life. Set along the shores of the St. Lawrence River, the drifting blocks of ice caught in the river’s current represent the flow of time.

GlobeTrotGlobe Trot

(USA+ 25 countries, 2013) 4:35
Director: Mitchell Rose
Choreographer: Bebe Miller
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An international crowd-sourced dance-film project, as 54 filmmakers on all seven continents each shoot one second of dance by choreographer Bebe Miller.

GloveStoryGlove Story

(Israel, 2013) 39:00
Director: Oren Shkedy
Choreographer: Dana Ruttenberg
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“Glove Story” explores the notion of personal space and the all-too-often invasion into it. What are the psychological, physical and social repercussions of treating borders as mere suggestions? This question echoes much stronger in the political climate of the Middle East and of our times.


(UK, 2013) 3:40
Director: Chris Turner
Choreographer: George Williamson
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“Hallowed” is a short film based on Dante’s Inferno, and was commissioned by (and features dancers from) the English National Ballet.

HomeAloneHome Alone

(Israel, 2013) 2:00
Director: Adi Halfin
Choreographer: improvised
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Featuring the Bat Sheva Dance Company ensemble, this short film imparts an atmosphere of “parental absence” as the dancers make creative use of the space – an abandoned building, combining planned and improvised choreography.

IntrinsicMoralEvilIntrinsic Moral Evil

(Netherlands, 2013) 10:45
Director: Harm Weistra
Choreographer: Fernando Dominguez
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“Intrinsic Moral Evil” seems to be a tale of identity and coming of age. But above all, the dancers play a game with the viewer’s perception: is it a memory, a dream? Is it about losing of friendship? The layered story invites the audience to make its own interpretation.

ItRemainsIt Remains

(USA, 2013) 10:00
Director: Andrew Morgan
Choreographer: Kent Boyd
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A story about You and Me, before and after love.


(Australia, 2013) 6:01
Directors: Thomas Pollard, Nathan Smith
Choreographer: Alisdair Macindoe

The last man on Earth sat alone in a room as three boys spend a sleep over telling each other scary stories. A cross over occurs between a fictional man’s life in solitude and the future of one of the boy’s very own reality.

Rudolf-Nureyev-in-_Le-jeune-homme-et-la-mort_-by-Jurgen-Vollmer2La Passion Noureev

(USA, 2013) 52:00
Director: Fabrice Herrault
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On the 20th anniversary of Rudolf Nureyev’s death, Fabrice Herrault has assembled an impressionistic tribute film that showcases this Byronic artist in some of his peerless early performances through archival footage, much of it previously unseen, revealing “Rudi” at the peak of his powers.

La-basLà-bas, le lointain

(Canada, 2012) 15:50
Director: Alan Lake
Choreographer: Alan Lake
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Exploring issues of life, death and the ephemeral, “Là-bas, le lointain” examines the fleeting traces we leave behind.

MartialityNotFightingMartiality, Not Fighting

(China, 2012) 10:30
Directors: Marianne Kim, Cheng-Chieh Yu
Choreographer: Cheng-Chieh Yu
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Shot in Guangzhou, China “Martiality, Not Fighting” follows a young dancer performing the role of conscientious objector. He moves through the pedestrian and the abstract to deliberate the question “to fight or not to fight.”

MeME – Story of a

(Finland, Japan, Estonia, 2013) 7:30
Director: Jopsu Ramu
Choreographer: Johanna Nuutinen
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Choreographer/dancer Johanna Nuutinen performs a solo piece, which is photographed from different points of view and set to a haunting original score.

MissionFlamencaMisiòn Flamenca

(USA, 2013) 15:00
Director: Altay Yildiz
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Why does one have to perform? In San Francisco’s vibrant Mission District, miles away from Flamenco’s motherland of Spain, five diverse women come together every month. They bring their stories, jaleos and expressive dancing to an intimate setting with one mission: to engage and transport their audience through Flamenco.

mmaj_still-3The Music Is Moving

(USA, 2014) 3:00
Director: Kate Duhamel
Choreographer: Michael Montgomery
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Two dancers make their way across San Francisco, exploring the rich colors, energy and movements of the city’s diverse neighborhoods.

MusicKeyMusic is the key

(Germany, 2013) 2:18
Director: Igor Krasik
Choreographer: Salah Benlemqawanssa
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Director Igor Krasik combines music, urban dance and motion graphics to create a stunning abstract composition as he explores the idea of composing “Visual Music.”


(Switzerland, 2013) 11:18
Director: Giorgio Madia
Choreographer: Giorgio Madia
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Debussy’s “Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune” opens up a very sensual perception of nature inspired by the architecture of Therme Vals with its elements of stone, light and water.

OffGroundOff Ground

(The Netherlands, 2013) 12:30
Director: Boudewijn Koole
Choreographer: Jakop Ahlbom
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A dance film about a boy that says farewell to his mother.

PerfectP*Fect – The Perfect Defect

(Sweden, 2013) 6:30
Director: Joanna Nordahl
Choreographer: P*Fect Dance Company
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Swedish Voguing /Waacking company P*Fect explores the definition of perfection as a collaborative team of dancers and filmmakers aim to put a spotlight on breaking prejudices and dissolving gender stereotypes.


(USA, 2014) 4:04
Director: Mimi Cave
Choreographers: Mimi Cave, Casey Avaunt
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Magic Man’s first music video is a mix of surrealist visual effects and dancers strewn across dreamlike landscapes. This video was shot in the Bay Area, with all local talent cast.

amyyoung_paultaylorPaul Taylor: Creative Domain

(USA, 2013) 82:00
Director: Kate Geis
Choreographer: Paul Taylor
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Paul Taylor is one of the dance world’s most elusive and admired choreographers. For over 60 years, he has only given glimpses into his creative process. We witness a rare exploration of Taylor creating and a work ethic that has made some of the most iconic dances of our time.


(USA, 2014) 3:00
Director: Dexandro “D” Montalvo
Choreographer: Dexandro “D” Montalvo

As the debate around high-tech invasion of privacy rages, in the home of the tech revolution, a dancer explores the power and intimacy of Google Glass as we see the world through his eyes.


(USA, 2014) 6:00
Directors: Eric Garcia, Kat Cole
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A woman in a fur coat encounters a voyeuristic yak.


(USA, 2013) 6:03
Director: Paul Sarvis
Choreographer: Paul Sarvis
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A solo in a bare room conjures another presence—real, imagined, or remembered. Images of family, shelter, entrapment, youth and age collide and fold into one another.

RulesoftheGameRules of the Game

(Canada and USA, 2014) 8:25
Directors: Jeff Kuperman, Rick Kuperman
Choreographers: Jeff Kuperman, Rick Kuperman
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Trust dissolves between four factory workers under the unremitting surveillance of the management.


(USA, 2014) 2:40
Directors: Andrea Lerner, Rosane Chamecki
Choreographer: chameckilerner
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In their new video “Samba,” the Brazilians Rosane Chamecki and Andrea Lerner filmed a single samba dancer in extreme slow motion. What you see will change forever the way you perceive the body and it’s motion.

SayWhenSay When

(USA, 2013) 3:39
Director: Jason Jurgens
Choreographer: Dana Genshaft
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This music video for “The Generationals” tries to capture the beauty of ‘process’ and the idea that perfection is an illusion.


(Brazil, 2013) 5:50
Directors: Victor Alves, Fernanda Abdo
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Three dancers that live the everyday of urban culture on the “favelas” of Belo Horizonte show their relationship with “Serra Agglomerate”—the largest of the city—through their dance, and reveal the architecture of alleys and slabs as being, also, a place for the artistic act.


(UK, 2014) 4:14
Directors: Del Mak, Patrick Ryder
Choreographer: Del Mak
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Ever wanted to do something different? When life becomes a routine, step out of the ordinary and follow your dreams. “Shift” follows a white-collar worker who escapes the confines of his working environment, exploring & dancing freely through the outside world.

SilentPlacesSilent Places

(Romania, 2013) 12:00
Director: Simona Deaconescu
Choreographer: Simona Deaconescu
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Five strangers are gathered in an unwelcoming space, fighting together for a way out, tired by their confused thoughts, trying to regain strength over their altered bodies. The camera bursts into the heart of the dance whilst the music copes with the cruelty and the fever of everyday warfare.

sinceyouwent_rawdance_image2since you went

(USA, 2013) 3:38
Directors: Ryan T. Smith, Wendy Rein, Lindsay Gauthier
Choreographers: Ryan T. Smith, Wendy Rein
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Part dance film and part music video, “since you went” follows the story of a couple where the passing of time, and the history of a relationship is measured in cups of coffee.

StandSTAND *

(USA, 2013) 21:09
Director: Melanie D’Andrea
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Through Krump, one dance crew takes a stand against the poverty and crime plaguing South Los Angeles.

dolly_title_shot2Steadfast Body, Marshmallow Heart

(USA, 2013) 6:58
Director: Erin Malley
Choreographer: Erin Malley
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‘Steadfast Body, Marshmallow Heart’ follows an armless, legless mannequin as she pursues her dreams at dance class.


(Netherlands, 2013) 16:42
Director: William Lü
Choreographer: William Lü
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“Still” tells a story about love, longing, and loss. Disjointed dialogues, empty embraces, and opposing desires impede the young man’s waking hours as he struggles to come to terms with their reality.

Derick-Grant-Tap-or-DieTap Or Die

(USA, 2013) 62:00
Director: Jackie Paré
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Warm, vivacious and chock-full of interviews with numerous dance artists and experts, as well as vintage and contemporary performance footage, “Tap or Die” addresses the undeniable triumphs and ongoing controversies within the tap dance field.

ArtofDefiningMeThe Art of Defining Me

(UK, 2013) 15:20
Director: Seeta Patel, Kamala Devam
Choreographer: Seeta Patel, Kamala Devam
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In a tick box society where identity has become a commodity, directors/choreographers Seeta Patel and Kamala Devam take a humorous look at how we as humans and artists are influenced by the expectations and definitions placed upon us. Who puts us in these boxes? Society, institutions, individuals or ourselves?

LawsofMotionThe Laws of Motion

(Canada, 2011) 2:29
Director: Mark Adam
Choreographer: Julia Adam
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“The Laws of Motion” reveals underlying meaning in classical ballet. An expression of Newton’s Universe.

filmvincentpaterson2The Man Behind The Throne

(Sweden/USA, 2013) 58:00
Director: Kersti Grunditz
Choreographer: Vincent Paterson
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Vincent Paterson is the choreographer who created defining moves for stars like Michael Jackson and Madonna. He challenges the myth of self-destructive fame with his joy of creation, his tough work ethics and his personal integrity. He is an artist unknown to most people, whose work is seen by millions.

VanishingPointsVanishing Points

(Canada, 2014) 8:41
Director: Marites Carino
Choreographer: Tentacle Tribe
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Like two molecules unknowingly affecting one another in space, conceptual hip-hop dancers collide and share fleeting moments of intimate synchronicity on the streets of Montreal. Sucked into a choreographic time warp, viewers slowly realize things are not always as they seem.


(France, 2013) 9:01
Director: Baptiste Guiard, Rami Hassoun
Choreographer: Rami Hassoun
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An obsessive love story, danced and felt until dizziness.

Wild'sTonicWild’s Tonic, Part I

(USA, 2013) 10:54
Director: Jonah Einstein
Choreographer: Lara Wilson
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A boy-meets-girl, nature-meets-dance film that places ballet somewhere between human behavior and animal instinct.