Co-Laboratory Films + Local Shorts

The premiere screenings of our two new Co-Laboratory films, followed by a selection of shorts by Bay Area dance artists exploring themes of war, remembrance, young love—and disco. Closing night reception for all ticket holders immediately following screening.

Sunday, October 11 | 7:00 pm

Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco
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Single Ticket: $20 (Students: $17, ID required)

Eventbrite - Closing Night Screening: 2015 Co-Laboratory Films + Local Shorts

2015 Co-Laboratory Films

Program begins with a special screening of the two films from the 2015 Co-Laboratory.

Co-presented by Dancers’ Group

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Co-Laboratory, Director: Mark Kohr Choreographer: Christopher StowellMad Scene 2.0

(USA, 2015) 4:40
Director: Mark Kohr
Choreographer: Christopher Stowell

A Silicon Valley office is the setting for a twenty-first century mad scene.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Co-Laboratory, Listen to the OracleListen to the Oracle

(USA, 2015) 4:00
Director: Elena Greenlee
Choreographer: Sara Shelton Mann in collaboration with Jesse Hewit

A cinematic experiment in improvisation, movement, and soul retrieval.

Local Shorts

San Francisco Dance Film, Silent Disco, Director: John Haptas & Kristine Samuelson, Choreographer: Kristine Samuelson & Amy SeiwertSilent Disco

(USA, 2015) 4:00
Director: John Haptas, Kristine Samuelson, Amy Seiwert
Choreographer: Amy Seiwert

In a silent disco, dancers move to the different music in their heads.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival, Open, Open, Director: Lindsay Gauthier, Choreographer: Dana GenshaftOpen

(USA,2015) 1:55
Director: Lindsay Gauthier
Choreographer: Dana Genshaft
An intricate duet bathed in light.

SFDFF, 1915 Meran Vor Aprink (USA, 2015, Director, Abraham Heisler1915 Meran Vor Aprink

(USA, 2015) 11:02
Director: Abraham Heisler
Choreographer: Davit Karapetyan
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A memorial tribute to the Armenian spirit channeling universal feelings of loss, remembrance, and a desire to bring peace to the world.

SFDFF, Amoureuse, Director, Matthew TaylorAmoureuse

(USA, 2015) 2:17
Director: Matthew Taylor
Choreographer: Brian Gibbs
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Dancers entangle themselves in an unedited slow-motion duet in real time.

San Francisco Dance Film, Private Life, Director: Deborah Slater, Choreographer: Deborah SlaterPrivate Life

(USA, 2015) 4:37
Director: Deborah Slater
Choreographer: Deborah Slater

Private Life is a meditation on loss from many points of view. A soldier, his comrades and his companion are mixed in emotionally charged flashbacks.

SFDFF, Afterthought, Directed by RJ MunaAfterthought

(USA, 2014) 5:57
Director: RJ Muna
Choreographer: Jodi Lomask
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Afterthought is an excerpt from the performance Synaptic Motion by Capacitor, which explores the neuroscience of creativity. In Afterthought you see a dance that was choreographed while lying in an MRI machine.

SFDFF, Arrellah, Director Kate Duhamel, Choreographer, Damian SmithArrellah

(USA, 2014) 3:12
Director: Damian Smith, Kate Duhamel
Choreographer: Damian Smith
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In Arrellah, the Aboriginal word for “dancing ground,” Smith incorporates elements of his Aboriginal roots in sensual, transcendent and haunting work captured on film and on four large canvases for the 45th anniversary of the San Jose Museum of Art.

SFDFF, Aeterna XXI, Director, Walter Yamazaki, Diablo BalletAeterna XXI

(USA, 2015) 3:46
Director: Walter Yamazaki
Choreographer: Lauren Jonas
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Our time in this physical world is brief, and so is the stage time of dance. This short film is an attempt to grasp the presence of eternity through its temporary physical representations.

San Francisco Dance Film, What Is Life, Director: Brandon Moore, Choreographer: Dana GenshaftWhat is Life

(USA, 2014) 4:25
Director: Brandon Moore
Choreographer: Dana Genshaft

Winner of the Genero TV competition, choreographer/former San Francisco Ballet Soloist Dana Genshaft’s film was selected as the Official Music video for George Harrison’s ‘What is Life.’

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