International Shorts 2

More of our best screendance from around the world in this collection of shorts where dancers transcend space, time, and gravity through the magic of film.

Co-presented by San Francisco Cinematheque

Friday, October 9 | 9:30 pm

Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco
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Single Ticket: $15 (Students: $13, ID required)

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SFDFF, A Tap Dance on the Pier, Director, Geoffrey GoldbergA Tap Dance on the Pier

(USA, 2014) 2:23
Director: Geoffrey Goldberg
Choreographer: Geoffrey Goldberg
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When a young man takes a break on a bench on the pier, an unexpected visitor turns his break into a full-out musical number.

San Francisco Dance Film, The Acid — Fame, Director: Dugan O'Neal & RY X, Choreographer: WIFE WrennThe Acid — Fame

(USA, 2014) 3:48
Director: Dugan O’Neal & RY X
Choreographer: WIFE Wrenn
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Poetically choreographed music video for the sensuous, downtempo “Fame,” by The Acid.

San Francisco Dance Film, Néants, Director: Nellie Carrier, Choreographer: Nellie CarrierNéants

(Canada, 2014) 9:02
Director: Nellie Carrier
Choreographer: Nellie Carrier

Co-presented by Consulate General of Canada
Four characters see their destiny falling apart. As they pause in the current moment they experience sensations of mourning, absence, and loss.

San Francisco Dance Film, Snap Into It, Director: Devin Jamieson & Jillian Meyers, Choreographer: Jillian MeyersSnap Into It

(USA, 2014) 3:57
Director: Devin Jamieson & Jillian Meyers
Choreographer: Jillian Meyers

A gleeful digression from anticipated outcome, in favor of savoring the pursuit of whim // Following a renegade train of thought with dimension, texture, and amplitude // A staccato attempt to trace the digressions from an iconic Langston Hughes poem.

San Francisco Dance Film, One Fine Day, Director: Sima Gonsai Choreographer: Lee FisherOne Fine Day

(UK, 2014) 7:00
Director: Sima Gonsai
Choreographer: Lee Fisher

Co-presented by Axis Dance Company
Travel through an imagined world through the eyes of Freefall Dance Company.

San Francisco Dance Film, Genêt, Director: Valery Carnoy, Choreographer: David Noblet Genêt

(Belgium, 2014-2015) 6:51
Director: Valery Carnoy
Choreographer: David Noblet
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A male and female dancer move independently in multiple universes with several similarities. They are united through similar impulses, beyond space and time.

San Francisco Dance Film, Queen of Distance, Director: Zoie HarmonQueen of Distance *

(USA, 2013) 3:12
Director: Zoie Harmon
Choreographer: Zoie Harmon

One dancer breaks herself like she breaks in her shoes.

San Francisco Dance Film, Let's Say, Director: Fuk Pak Jim, Choreographer: Li DeLet’s Say

(Hong Kong, 2014) 8:00
Director: Fuk Pak Jim
Choreographer: Li De

Modern communication issues between people, three scenes, three dances, one message: Stop Phubbing (the act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention).

San Francisco Dance Film, Crushing Weight Director: Vinícius Cardoso, Choreographer: Irupé SarmientoCrushing Weight

(Brazil, 2015) 3:38
Director: Vinícius Cardoso
Choreographer: Irupé Sarmiento
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A soul lives in an abandoned hospital where it journeys secretly. The body as the unconscious, the dissolution of the self in the breakdown of inside/outside, pain as beauty are explored.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival, Descent, Director: Antoine Marc & DrewCox Choreographer: Antoine MarcDescent

(UK, 2015) 4:56
Director: Antoine Marc & DrewCox
Choreographer: Antoine Marc
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A man crawls to his death. Spilling out the essence of life, he envisions vivid memories to accompany his decline.

SFDFF, Amandi, Director, Francesc Sitges-Sardà & Elisabet PrandiAmandi

(Spain, 2014) 6:35
Director: Francesc Sitges-Sardà & Elisabet Prandi
Choreographer: Ferran Carvajal & Marta Filella
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A blend of nature, woods, and weird landscapes with two characters who travel through that space in constant transformation trying to fit in.

San Francisco Dance Film, Lei, Director: Gabriele Rizzi, Choreographer: Cris UrsuLei

(Italy, 2014) 2:43
Director: Gabriele Rizzi
Choreographer: Cris Ursu

An endless flight of body and soul in which anything could happen… even what looks impossible is made possible through Lei.

San Francisco Dance Film, Slääp, Director: Lucas Carlsson & Jonathan Morell, Choreographer: Lucas CarlssonSlääp

(Sweden, 2014) 4:28
Director: Lucas Carlsson & Jonathan Morell
Choreographer: Lucas Carlsson

A dance video inspired by the original Pharcyde music video Drop, where each dancer’s movement was painstakingly choreographed in reverse, creating unusual visual effects, and set to a parody of the original rap in Swedish.

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