Graceful Girls


In the beautiful, physically demanding world of the uniquely Australian dance sport of Calisthenics, there is only one solo prize that matters: Most Graceful Girl.

For 23-year-old primary school teacher Brianna Lee, three-time Graceful Girl runner-up, there’s nothing she wants more. But Calisthenics is a young woman’s sport and time is running out, so with the help of uncompromising, legendary coach Diane Synnott, the Grande Dame of the re-birthed Regent Calisthenics Club, Brianna struggles to perfect her routine, lay all her ghosts to rest, and produce the best performance of her life.

Graceful Girls is beautifully shot, structured and paced. It’s full of lipstick, chiffon, diamantes, sweaty rehearsal montages and a tense final act at the championships.” -Mel Campbell, Junkee
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U. S. Premiere

Saturday, October 22 | 2:00 pm

Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco
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Single Ticket: $15 (Students: $13, ID required)

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Graceful Girls
(Australia, 2015) 95:00
Director: Olivia Peniston-Bird
Choreographer: Brianna Lee, Brooke Synnott, Diane Synnott, Enid Feltham
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Additional Credits

Lead Dancers Brianna Lee, Brooke Synnott | Producers Mish Armstrong, Alicia Brown, Melanie Coombs | Production Company Optimism Film Pty Ltd | Director of Photography Sky Davies | Composer Nathan Goble


San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2016, Itsy Bitsyitsy bitsy

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