Kick Ball Change


A glimpse into the creative, crazy, and inspiring mind of Maxim Kozhevnikov, five-time professional world champion in ballroom dance.

The film takes the viewers on the long journey from concept to the stage, passing through modern art galleries in Las Vegas, a recording studio in New York, Israeli dance clubs, and Maxim’s parents’ kitchen in Russia. It is a cinematic mosaic comprising Maxim’s work, colleagues and teachers, friends and family members, who together reveal to the viewer the world behind the fantastic life of dance.

Meet Choreographer and World Champion Ballroom Dancer Maxim Kozhevnikov after the screening.


U.S. Premier

Saturday, October 22 | 7:30 pm

Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco
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Single Ticket: $15 (Students: $13, ID required)

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Kick Ball Change
(Russia/USA/Israel, 2016) 54:52
Director: Guy Sadot
Choreographer: Maxim Kozhevnikov
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Additional Credits

Lead Dancers Maxim Kozhevnikov, Anastasia Grigoreva | Producer Maxim Kozhevnikov | Production Company Studio FilMill | Director of Photography Guy Sadot, Amit Friedlander, Matan Tamarkin, Kevin Kwok | Composer Erez Keynan | Editor Amit Friedlander | Sound Designer Amit Friedlander


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