Opening Night 2017: International Shorts I


The festival opens with a selection of dynamic international shorts, drawn from an exciting new crop of films that push the art form forward, redefining what is possible within the quickly evolving relationship between dance and the camera.

Films range from the provocative animated piece SAMT (Silence) about a fanatic dictatorship where dance is the secret code of silent resistance, to Take Your Time, by Bay Area artists Natasha Adorlee Johnson (ODC/Dance, Concept 04), and filmmaker Max Sachar (Pixar), with their music video for the band Lender, which was choreographed backward and filmed in a single shot. Includes live performance.

Co-presented by the Consulate General of Sweden in San Francisco

Thursday, October 19 | 7:30 pm

Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco
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Single Ticket: $25 (Students/Members: $21 ID required) : BUY TICKETS
Admission includes a prosecco welcome during intermission

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Dancin' the Camera, Pieter-Rim de Kroon Dancin’ the Camera

(Netherlands, 2015) 8:48
Director: Pieter-Rim de Kroon

A tap dancer’s adventure in the mechanical world of black-and-white film shot on an original 35mm camera made in the 1920s, the era when tap was all the rage. As well as being the lens into this world the camera is the set and a character, joining with a pianist to entice the dancer into a duet.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Blown Away, David Masters Blown Away

(United States, 2017) 2:24
Director: David Masters
Choreographer: Dion Pratt
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From the firing of the first electrons to the cosmic journey across space. Blown Away traces the genesis and impact of sound waves on a waiting listener.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Giovanni Bucchieri, Juliet, Juliet, Juliet Juliet, Juliet & Juliet

(Sweden, 2017) 8:41
Director: Giovanni Bucchieri
Choreographer: Giovanni Bucchieri

Dance super star Ana Laguna and acting legend Stina Ekblad meet with dancer, choreographer and director Giovanni Bucchieri in this expressive story about an unexpected meeting.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Cold Storage, Director: Thomas Freundlich, Choreographer: Valtteri Raekallio Cold Storage

(Finland, 2016) 8:46
Director: Thomas Freundlich
Choreographer: Valtteri Raekallio
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On a desolate arctic shore, a lonely ice fisherman discovers his prehistoric counterpart frozen in the sea ice, and thaws him out as his newfound soul brother. A wild all-night drinking and dancing party ensues.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, The Spot, Ted Ely The Spot

(United States, 2017) 2:38
Director: Ted Ely
Choreographer: Karla Garcia
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A group of men and women from different walks of life meet up at The Spot, where they groove and let loose to release the stress and negativity of everyday life.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, The First Date, Mary John Frank The First Date

(United States, 2016) 5:26
Director: Mary John Frank
Choreographer: Mary John Frank

Despite the awkward small talk, disagreements, and their own destructive tendencies, Natalie and David show up for their first date and discover that they actually make excellent partners in crime.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Take Your Time, Natasha Adorlee Johnson, Max Sachar Take Your Time

(United States, 2017) 4:49
Director: Max Sachar, Natasha Adorlee Johnson
Choreographer: Natasha Adorlee Johnson

Take Your Time is a raw and powerful performance art piece, that explores the concept of time & relationships by following a duet as they navigate complex obstacles and spaces.

Live Performance

Part 1 concludes with a live performance. Dalmacio Payomo and Natasha Adorlee Johnson, accompanied by members of the band Lender, will be performing the dance sequence from the film Take Your Time.


San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Persecuta, Martin & Facundo Lombard Persecuta

(United States, 2017) 2:23
Director: Martin & Facundo Lombard
Choreographer: Martin & Facundo Lombard

A new powerful dance scene by the Lombard Twins.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Kick Jump Twist, Mimi Cave Kick Jump Twist

(United States, 2017) 4:29
Director: Mimi Cave
Choreographer: Danielle Agami

Official music video for Sylvan Esso’s ‘Kick Jump Twist’ starring Gary Reagan of Ate9 Dance Company.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, In Essential Drop, Gabriele Rizzi In Essential Drop

(Italy, 2016) 1:02
Director: Gabriele Rizzi

It is from an “Essential Drop” that something unique and original can emerge. The drop as source of life that changes its shape and a show that celebrates the art of essence.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Lovebytes, Director: Jasper Valentine Choreographer: Omari 'Motion' Carter Lovebytes

(United Kingdom, 2014) 3:13
Director: Jasper Valentine
Choreographer: Omari ‘Motion’ Carter

A short screendance film which uses British Sign Language influences, combined with dance and music, to show one man’s walk of lamentation, illustrating a journey of growth from a moment of heartbreak.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, You, Director: Graham Clayton-Chance, Choreographer: Nigel Charnock You

(United Kingdom, 2015) 5:55
Director: Graham Clayton-Chance
Choreographer: Nigel Charnock
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A dance monologue. Verbal and physical slapstick reveals darker truths about love, sex and relationships. Taken from the archive of the late Nigel Charnock, one in a series of films celebrating his work in new films of classic performance pieces.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, SAMT (silence), Aoun Chadi SAMT (silence)

(Lebanon, 2016) 15:00
Director: Aoun Chadi
Choreographer: Aoun Chadi
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In a fanatic dictatorship, dance is the secret code of the silent resistance. At out-of-the-way places, young people celebrate the hidden joy of life with their bodies and cope with the terror they experienced.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Move, Marlene Millar Move

(Canada, 2016) 3:45
Director: Marlene Millar
Choreographer: Sandy Silva
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Gathered in a train car waiting on the tracks, destination unknown, nine dancers and singers perform a soulful rendition of the gospel song “You Gotta Move” accompanied by body percussion.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, No Deal, Director: Devin Jamieson, Choreographer: Jillian Meyers, Jeff Mortensen No Deal

(United States, 2016) 5:29
Director: Devin Jamieson
Choreographer: Jillian Meyers, Jeff Mortensen

Washed up. Washed away. Inebriated negotiation. Gone astray. A void without reason. Reality unpeeled. Two strangers meeting, unsuccessfully. No deal.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Curing Albrecht, Jessica Wright, Morgann Runacre-Temple Curing Albrecht

(United Kingdom, 2016) 5:00
Director: Jessica Wright, Morgann Runacre-Temple
Choreographer: Jessica Wright, Morgann Runacre-Temple

A young man checks into a bespoke institution, hoping to be cured of his inability to stop dancing.

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