2017 Screendance Workshop

With Ben Estabrook at Alonzo King LINES Dance Center

The goal of the six week workshop is to expand the students’ ideas of what is possible with screendance and to develop their unique voice as a dance filmmaker. Primarily, we will focus on how to formulate a concept for a dance film and how to plan for translating that vision to film. Given that the students will all come from a background in dance with varying degrees of knowledge of filmmaking, the workshop will establish a basic foundation of film theory and terminology to give the students a better understanding of how the medium of film works. Throughout the workshop, students will participate in hands-on exercises with the camera to develop a better understanding of how the camera sees dance and how to creatively exploit its unique perspective. We will also analyze seminal works of the field that highlight directing and editing choices that manipulate time and space in ways that illustrate what is possible with film. Students will learn how to communicate with filmmakers, and we will discuss strategies for building successful collaborations with filmmakers.

Experience with video production is not required. Student must have access to a still camera and video camera (can be a smartphone in both cases) and a way to edit video (iMovie or equivalent). Weekly assignments will require time outside of class to complete.

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Saturdays, November 4 – December 16, 2017 | 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Alonzo King LINES Dance Center, 26 Seventh Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco

Price: $175 | REGISTER NOW