About Dance Film SF and the San Francisco Dance Film Festival

Logo for Dance Film SF. This logo features the words "Dance Film SF" stacked vertically on top of one another, with a vertical stack of three blue squares to the left of the words.

Dance Film SF

Dance Film SF brings dance to wider audiences by developing, producing, and presenting innovative dance-based film and media, cultivating community, and supporting and amplifying underrepresented artists.

Founded in 2010, Dance Film SF (DFSF) is a nonprofit organization bringing dance to new audiences through the presentation and development of dance-based media. Along with the annual presentation of its award-winning San Francisco Dance Film Festival, DFSF’s year-round activities include special screenings, panels, and filmmaking workshops. DFSF also produces original dance films through its Co-Laboratory program, matching top choreographers with professional filmmakers and creating the time, space, and budget for them to collaborate.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival

From in-depth feature documentaries to engaging shorts programs, the San Francisco Dance Film Festival (SFDFF) offers something for diehard dance fans and newcomers alike. Since its first iteration in 2010, the Festival has secured a solid place on the international scene, drawing a vibrant and diverse range of participants from all over the world. SFDFF offers a rare place where independent artists can celebrate their achievements and inspire each other as a unified community. It also serves to introduce dance to those who don’t typically attend live performances, and showcases new international talent before it reaches the Bay Area through traditional venues.

SFDFF is a proud recipient of a Special Award Honoree for the 2016 Isadora Duncan Dance Awards. The Isadora Duncan Dance Awards, known locally as the “Izzies,” are awarded annually to acknowledge exceptional creative achievements in the performance and presentation of dance.

What is Dance Film?

Dancers and filmmakers have worked together since the invention of the motion picture, but the “dance film” genre has exploded in recent years as digital technologies have become more accessible to independent artists. Today’s dance films encompass a wide range of interpretations and include contributions from visual artists, animators, composers and live performers.

DFSF’s programming covers this broad spectrum by highlighting everything from “screendance”, short experimental dance pieces created specifically for the camera, to live performance captures from the world’s great international stages. Feature documentaries focus on the process of creating dance — from historical profiles to behind-the-scenes views of today’s most innovative choreographers — and narrative works find innovative ways to tell stories through movement.

In our thorough curation process, we consider dance-based films of all lengths, genres, dance forms, and budgets, made by artists of all backgrounds and levels of experience. We aim to represent a diverse cross-section of the dance community while highlighting work that stands out as risk-taking and innovative.