2011 Festival Archive

Dolby Laboratories

Labyrinth Within Film StillLabyrinth Within

(Sweden, 2011) 28 min
Director: Pontus Lidberg
Pontus Lidberg presents a very exclusive sneak preview of his latest film, scheduled for international release later this year. The cast includes New York City Ballet principal dancer, Wendy Whelan, in the lead female role.
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The Nightingale Film StillThe Nightingale

(USA: San Francisco, 2011) 21 min
Director: Greta Schoenberg
The world premiere of The Nightingale, a short narrative in 1940s film noir style, shot entirely in San Francisco with an all-local cast and crew of dancers, musicians, and visual artists.
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The Rain Film StillThe Rain

(Sweden, 2007) 28 min
Director: Pontus Lidberg
The critically acclaimed 2007 Swedish dance film for which special guest director/choreographer Pontus Lidberg was honored with an award for Outstanding Achievement in Choreography for Film at the 2008 Choreography Media Honors in Los Angeles.
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Ninth Street Independent Film Center

After The Water The Clouds Film StillAfter The Water The Clouds

(Netherlands, 2009) 9 min
Director: Carmen Rozestraten
Playful and poetic voyage of a young Catalan woman, whose world becomes surreal as she encounters mythical and unusual characters.

Cea Film StillCea

(Canada, 2006) 5 min
Director: Andrea Pass/ Dominique Keller/ Robert Prowse
The slow, melodic rhythms and movement of this film flows with the grace of poetry to an original score that takes us back through our collective rural history.

Connect 4 Film StillConnect 4

(USA:Chicago, 2006) 3 min
Director: Nadia Oussenko
Four dancers work within four spaces of a warehouse to connect a single movement phrase.

Drift Film StillDrift

(USA:Chicago, 2006) 3 min
Director: Eric Garcia and Kat Cole
Four dancers work within four spaces of a warehouse to connect a single movement phrase.

Entre Nous Film StillEntre Nous

(USA:LA/UK, 2010) 7 min
Director: Blair Brown
An intimate look at the body in motion and an exploration of the emotions behind the ideas of separation, vulnerability, and loneliness.

Figment Film StillFigment

(USA:NY, 2010) 3 min
Director: Gabrielle Lamb
An animated homage to Joseph Cornell’s collage boxes: inspired by dreams both in specific imagery and sense of movement.

Finite and Infinite Games Film StillFinite and Infinite Games

(USA, 2010) 37 min
Director: RJ Muna
The San Francisco premiere of local filmmaker RJ Muna’s Finite and Infinite Games, choreographed by former ODC dancer Kate Fisher and shot in New York City’s Judson Memorial Church.

The Greater the Weight Film StillThe Greater The Weight

(Canada, 2008) 5 min
Director: Marlene Millar/ Philip Szporer
Dancer and choreographer Dana Michel assembles extremely physical movement—a remnant from her previous training in track and touch football—with mathematical precision and poetic improvisation: The result is an exploration of the body as an instrument in a symphony of rupture and flow.

Historic Dance Films Film StillHistoric Dance Films

Historic dance films presented by local critic and historian Joanna Harris, author of Beyond Isadora, Bay Area Dancing 1915-1965. Includes four rarely screened works by legendary choreographers Maya Deren, Welland Lathrop, and Merce Cunningham.

January Film StillJanuary

(USA:SF/LA, 2009) 4 min
Director: RJ Muna / Rachel Lincoln/ Cari Ann Shim Sham
A solo made within the real and imagined confines of winter. In a slate-walled room with chalk dust as snow, a woman follows her mind’s small agitations as she meditates on the passage of time.

Kaleiodoscope Film StillKaleiodoscope

(USA:NY, 2010) 3 min
Director: Kate Duhamel

Light In Warped Time Film StillLight In Warped Time

(USA:VA, 2010) 6 min
Director: Jennifer Schwed
A fantastical exploration of the desire to be free from social boundaries.

Motel Deception Film StillMotel Deception

(Australia, 2009) 4 min
Director: Chrissie Parrot/ Nancy Jones
A seedy motel room, money and a gun set the scene for a very physical confrontation between the scheming Clare and Dexter.

NY Export: Opus Jazz Film StillNY Export: Opus Jazz

(USA, 2010) 46 min
Directors: Henry Joost/Jody Lee Lipes
The San Francisco premiere of NY Export: Opus Jazz, a re-imagining of Jerome Robbins 1958 “ballet in sneakers” and winner of an Audience Award at the 2010 South by Southwest Film Festival.

Outside In Film StillOutside In

(USA, 1993)
Director: Margaret Williams
Special guest Victoria Marks, UCLA professor and choreographer, presents her award-winning 1993 film Outside In, dubbed “Completely unmissable—a stunner” by The Independent, and talks about the challenges of working with dance on camera.

Perfect Vacuum Film StillThe Perfect Vacuum

(Canada, 2010) 6 min
Director: Alana Cymerman / Benjamin Hatcher
Mona left a glamorous life back home because of war. Now, she finds home in vacuum dancing.

Stronger Film StillStronger

(UK, 2010) 4 min
Director: Wilkie Branson
Two new-found companions embark on a journey adventuring up a wooded mountain.

Study For An Underwater Film Film StillStudy For An Underwater Film

(Sweden, 2010) 2 min
Director: Pontus Lidberg
An early study for a new film by the award-winning Swedish choreographer/filmmaker.

Texas Plates Film StillTexas Plates

(USA:NY, 2007) 2 min
Director: Director: Marta Renzi
A playful roadside romance set to music by country artist Patti Scialfa.

There Is A Place Film StillThere Is A Place

(UK/China, 2010) 7 min
Director: Katrina McPherson/Simon Fildes
Soloist Sang Jijia, an ethnic Tibetan born in Gansu, stuggles with his position in the world.

The Wait Of Gravity Film StillThe Wait Of Gravity

(Italy/USA, 2010) 5 min
Director: Renata Sheppard/ Paolo Armao
A human form shifts in and out of a relationship with gravity in an elusive architectural space—a journey of sound, vision, and kinesthetics.

The Watch Film StillThe Watch

(USA:NY, 2010) 3 min
Director: Shal Ngo/ Timo Weiland
A playful collaboration between a filmmaker, a fashion designer and young freelance dancers in New York.