2012 Festival Archive

Delancey Screening Room

Personal Space Film StillPersonal Space

(NETHERLANDS, 2010) 7min
Director: Altin Kaftira
Choreographer: Peter Leung
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An old couple lives its days in silent routine. The woman uses her imagination to journey to a special place, where she sees herself pure.

Violin In The Night Film StillViolin In The Night

(NETHERLANDS, 2010) 6min
Director: Altin Kaftira
Choreographer: Toer Van Schayk
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As Anatole returns from his dance rehearsals he hears music in the background, which takes him to a visualization of his dance while he confronts his state of mind.

Never Stand Still Film StillNever Stand Still

(USA: Becket, 2011) 78min
Director: Ron Honsa
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Never Stand Stillexplores why dance matters as it transports the viewer into a world of non-stop dance, the daring artists who dedicate their lives to it, and the extraordinary place where it all happens – Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival.

Ninth Street Independent Film Center

Beautiful Illusion Film StillBeautiful Illusion

(UK, 2011) 4min
Director: Jessica Taylor & Aaron Buckley
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A dance between the vulnerability of flesh and the hard reality of science. At what cost do we suffer for our art?

Black Train Is Coming Film StillBlack Train Is Coming

(USA: San Jose, 2011) 3min
Director: John T.Williams
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Black Train is Coming is based on the 1926 sermon, “Death’s Black Train is Coming” by Rev J.M Gates, one of the most prolific black preachers in the United States.

Body of War Film StillBody of War

(UK, 2010) 20min
Director: Isabel Rocamore
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Set in the Normandy Landing geography and punctuated by testimonies of active-duty soldiers, a visceral military hand-to-hand combat is gradually deconstructed – inviting the viewer to engage in the relationship between intimacy and brutality.

Bränner Staden Film StillBränner Staden

(SWEDEN, 2011) 9min
Director: Olof Werngren
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Sweden’s largest independent dance institution, Skånes Dansteater, and the acclaimed Swedish band Gaby and the Guns stand behind the short film Bränner Staden. It is about a feeling of being trapped in a ”place” that feels smaller every day.

Claude Bessy: Lignes d'une Vie Film StillClaude Bessy: Lignes d’une Vie

(USA: New York, 2011) 54min
Director: Fabrice Herrault
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Ballerina Claude Bessy was a much-admired Étoile of the Paris Opera Ballet who also ran its prestigious school for decades. The film features rare vintage performance footage of the dancer and includes works by Gene Kelly, Serge Lifar, and Maurice Béjart.

The Co(te)lette Film Film StillThe Co(te)lette Film

(BELGIUM, 2010) 1h
Director: Mike Figgis
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Mike Figgis’ cinematographic adaptation of the dance performance by Ann Van den Broek. Women and flesh, beauty and perishableness, rawness and fragility. A delirious desire overwhelms the dancers. A desire for physical and mental satisfaction.

Handke Film StillHandke, Part One: Solos

(HUNGARY, 2011) 9min
Director: Réka Szűcs

“I have lived in time. I have thought about the beginning and the end. I have realized that I am not you.” —Peter Handke, “Self Accusation”

In A Moment Film StillIn A Moment

(CANADA, 2011) 8min
Director: Ricky & Jeffrey Kuperman
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A man with no memory fights to recognize his wife.

Into Minds Film StillInto Minds

(UK, 2011) 5min
Director: Azul Sierra

A hybrid film that mixes poetry with dance and movements, Into Minds explores the difference between two mindsets: a rigid mind that wants to control everything with absolute reason, and a mind that is connected to the heart, one that wants to be river, fount and flow.

Love Song Film StillLove Song

(ISRAEL, 2011) 4min
Director: Simon Birman & Harel Kay
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An homage by dancer and singer Harel Kay to Ofra Haza, a famous Israeli singer of Yemenite origin who died in 2000.

Lysergic Worlds Film StillLysergic Worlds

(SPAIN, 2010) 19min
Director: Javier Cardenete
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Dr. Vega has a brand new patient: Diego. It seems he never leaves his room. All he does is paint and pin things to the wall, making lysergic worlds where he lives.

Marie Film StillMarie

(USA: New York, 2011) 2min
Director: Brian Oakes
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An experimental dance film that utilizes motion-capture technology in a uniquely minimal manner.

New London Calling Film StillNew London Calling

(UK, 2010) 10min
Director: Alla Kovgan
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An unsupervised tribe of seventy-five children takes over the entire city of New London, creating their rites and rituals through playing street games.

Origami Film StillOrigami

(USA: San Francisco, 2011) 3min
Director: RJ Muna
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A study of movement and physical architecture based on the symmetry of folding and unfolding figures.

Parts Don't Work Film StillParts Don’t Work

(USA: Seattle, 2011) 8min
Director: KT Niehoff
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Set in the Fun Forest Amusement Park in Seattle, the heroine grapples with her outsider status in relationship to a go-go booted, lipstick-slinging Girl Gang.

The Pendulum Heart Film StillThe Pendulum Heart

(USA: San Francisco, 2011) 9min
Director: Nara Denning

A mask carver of changing identity, forever driven to transformation by the “call of the heart.” This is the trial of a winded spirit, a meditation on the evolution of identity and also an examination of the pendulum swing within the secret heart of every woman and man.

Pursuit Film StillPursuit

(USA: Los Angeles, 2011) 4min
Director: Amy “Catfox” Campion
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Feet meet pavement at full speed as Danni G races down the sidewalk, flies over obstacles, and careens through crowds of dancers. Is he being pursued or is he in pursuit?

Seven Dolors Film StillSeven Dolors

(USA: New York, 2011) 4min
Director: Eli Rarey with Katherine Helen Fisher
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Seven Dolors was created following the death of the dancer/choreographer’s uncle in the attacks of September 11th. Dolors is a sober, intimate window into the universality of the maternal grieving process.

There, Again Film StillThere, Again

(USA: Tuscaloosa, 2011) 10min
Director: Sarah M. Barry
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Within each room, dancers explore their surroundings and find different ways to confront their confinement.

Two Seconds After Laughter Film StillTwo Seconds After Laughter

(USA: Sherman Oaks, 2011) 16min
Director: David Rousseve
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Weaving Indonesian dance, Sundanese music, and a true-life narrative of an immigrants journey, Two Seconds After Laughter creates a border-jumping dialogue on a universal irony: The heart longs most for the place to which it can never return…home.

Two Sink, Three Float Film StillTwo Sink, Three Float

(BELGIUM, 2010) 7min
Director: Satya Roosens
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On a thin membrane between top and bottom, one is taken into a surreal and visual story.There is an underworld, a world under, which we do not see. It is not shown on the surface. Or is it?

Vias de Vuelo (Rails To Fly) Film StillVias de Vuelo (Rails To Fly)

(MEXICO, 2011) 11min (excerpt)
Director: Alfredo Salomón
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A humorous reflection on the liberty of human beings.

Where Do You Live? Film StillWhere Do You Live?

(USA: Corte Madera, 2011) 3min
Director: Kate Duhamel
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Robin Cantrell and Mira Cook dance on the New York City skyline to an original song by Mira Cook.

Film Society Cinema

Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance Film StillJoffrey: Mavericks of American Dance

(USA: Los Angeles, 2011) 1h 27min
Director: Bob Hercules
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Weaving a wealth of rare archival footage, photographs and interviews with Joffrey star dancers and dance commentators, Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance chronicles the full story of the company, from its founding in 1956 to the present.