The Art of Defining Me


In a tick box society where identity has become a commodity, directors/choreographers Seeta Patel and Kamala Devam take a humorous look at how we as humans and artists are influenced by the expectations and definitions placed upon us. Who puts us in these boxes? Society, institutions, individuals or ourselves?.


Directors Seeta Patel, Kamala Devam | Choreographers Seeta Patel, Kamala Devam | Dancers Name(s) | Composer Genevieve Crutchfield | Editor Maria Åkesson | Director of Photography Maria Åkesson | Script Ankur Bahl | Set Design Amie English and Chris Faulds | Production Company Kamala Devam & Seeta Patel | Production Country UK | Production Year 2013 | Total Run Time 15:20 | Category Screendance Over 10 min | Format PAL

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San Francisco Dance Film Festival The Art of Defining Me