Brief Candle


The sequel to “Painted” puts Andrew Wyeth’s ‘Christina’s World’ into motion, and explores how bio-electricity galvanizes into discovering muscular intelligence. Light field setup with 50 lamps, and extensive visual effects in post. Shot with 3 cameras once right after sunset, and again just before sunrise the next morning.


Director Duncan McDowall | Choreographer Dorotea Saykaly | Dancer Dorotea Saykaly | Composer Nans Bortuzzo | Director of Photography Loïc Surprenant and Seb Delporte | Camera + Editing + Colour Grade Loïc Surprenant | Soundtrack Godspeed You! Black Emperor | Costume Design Carla Romagnoli | Camera Seb Delporte | Production Company Before the Wire | Production Country Canada | Production Year 2013 | Total Run Time 06:17 | Category Screendance Under 10 min | Format NTSC

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2014 San Francisco Dance Film Festival Brief Candle
© Duncan McDowall