The Laws of Motion


The Laws of Motion reveals underlying meaning in classical ballet—an expression of Newton’s Universe. A poetic rumination on what it is to be a classical dancer, based on ideas about dance expressed by two giants of choreography: George Balanchine (“movement in space to music”) and William Forsythe (“the imposition of Euclid’s geometry on the human form and then setting that in motion.”).


Director Mark Adam | Choreographer Julia Adam | Dancers Brett Van Sickle, Patrick Lavoie, Sonia Rodriguez | Composer Brian Carson | Editors Dave Bigelow, David Zimmerly, Mark Adam | Director of Photography Karl Roeder | Narrator Max Wyman | Animator/Artist Joseph Recoskie | Production Company Mark j Adam Pictures | Production Country Canada | Production Year 2011 | Total Run Time 2:29 | Category Screendance Under 10 min | Format NTSC

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