Magic Man’s first music video is a mix of surrealist visual effects and dancers strewn across dreamlike landscapes. This video was shot in the Bay Area, with all local talent cast.


Director Mimi Cave | Choreographers Mimi Cave, Casey Avaunt | Dancers Caroline Alexander, Casey Avaunt, Pearl Marill, Yuko Monden, Danny Nyugen, Samantha Stone, Liz Tenuto, Andrew Ward | Contortionists Bree Rock, Katie Scarlett | Composer Magic Man | Editor Carter Gunn, Cooper Kenward | Director of Photography Devin Whetstone | VFX Supervisor Nathaniel Costa | Producer Rose Krane | Production Company Partizan | Production Country USA | Production Year 2014 | Total Run Time 4:04 | Category Screendance Under 10 min | Format NTSC

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Magic Man, Paris, 2014 San Francisco Dance Film Festival