As the debate around high-tech invasion of privacy rages, in the home of the tech revolution, a dancer explores the power and intimacy of Google Glass as we see the world through his eyes.

The possibilities of dance on film have exploded as camera technology advances, allowing us to shift between synchronized views of the performers, from every angle – but until now we have not seen what the dancer sees. The dancer has always been the object of the viewers’ gaze. Modern film techniques have whetted the perspective of the audience as voyeur, allowing the layering of fantastical effects that are impossible in the theatre.

With Google Glass, we can, for the first time, integrate what the dancer sees into the work that she is performing.


Director Dexandro “D” Montalvo | Choreographer Dexandro “D” Montalvo | Dancer Babatunji Johnson | Composer Daniel Berkman | Editor Amir Jaffer | Director of Photography Amir Jaffer | Production Company Ballet To The People | Production Country USA | Production Year 2014 | Total Run Time 3:00 | Category Enter Category | Format Format Here