Silent Places


Five strangers are gathered in an unwelcoming space, fighting together for a way out, tired by their confused thoughts, trying to regain strength over their altered bodies. The camera bursts into the heart of the dance whilst the music copes with the cruelty and the fever of everyday warfare.


Director Simona Deaconescu | Choreographer Simona Deaconescu | Dancers Dragos Istvan Rosu, Razvan Stoian, Irina Stefan, Simona Deaconescu, Alexandra Balasoiu | Composer Tibor Cari | Editor Codrin Iftodi | Director of Photography Oleg Mutu RSC | Production Company TANGAJ DANCE | Production Country Romania | Production Year 2013 | Total Run Time 12:00 | Category Screendance Under 10 min | Format NTSC

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