Through Krump, one dance crew takes a stand against the poverty and crime plaguing South Los Angeles.

Full of stomps, jabs, and something called ‘the get-off”, Krump is a cathartic release of emotion. It’s a dance form that is aggressive and loud, but can also be an intimate portrait of individual struggle. As an alternative to the rough streets of Los Angeles, a Krump group, Demolition Crew offers the youth a safe haven to express themselves. STAND follows one of the crew’s leaders, ‘Krucial the Liberator’, a 24-year old South Los Angeles born and bred Krumper, as she uses her love of Krump to build a safer community in an area known for its history of violence.


Director Melanie D’Andrea | Dancer Deidra “Krucial” Cooper, Willie C. “Fudd” Hodge III | Composer Nathan Matthew David | Editors Harris McCabe, Diego Perez | Director of Photography Alexander Gabrielli | Sound Olga Poe, Veronica Li | Producers Natalie Mirsky, Tierney Young | Production Company University of Southern California | Production Country USA | Production Year 2013 | Total Run Time 21:09 | Category Documentary Over 10 min | Format NTSC

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