Still tells a story of two souls who are bound in a cycle of uncertainty struggling to move on. Disjointed dialogues, empty embraces, and opposing desires impede the young man’s waking hours as he struggles to come to terms with their reality. Is it just another mundane day, or is she merely pieces of his memory? Will they embrace each other or will they find the courage to let go, instead?


Director William Lü | Choreographer William Lü | Dancers Joachim Maudet, Courtney Anne Russell | Composers Pink Zebra, Green Window Music, Franz Schubert (arranged and played by Rebecca Wong Burdett) | Director of Photography William Lü | Production Company W2 & Dancers | Production Country Netherlands | Production Year 2013 | Total Run Time 16:42 | Category Screendance Over 10 min | Format NTSC

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