Note from Tiit Helimets

Tiit Helimets
Photo by Quinn Wharton

I am very exited to be working with the San Francisco Dance Film Festival this year. I started in early January and it has been a great learning experience thus far. My title is Associate Manager. Although I am currently working very hard as a principal dancer in the San Francisco Ballet, I like the added challenge and see it as a chance to further test my capabilities. I am a firm believer in personal growth and learning more about the nonprofit world is a fun new experience for me.  As with any organization the first two weeks feel like “oh my god, what did I got myself into,” but after about five weeks of meeting with everyone on a regular basis I am totally on top of tasks and beginning to grasping the concept of arts management much better than I think I ever did before. This is a real hands-on experience and I am having the time of my life doing it.  Being busy is the only way I want to live my life.