Panel Presentations: Exploring Sound and Image

Panel Presentation Update: Exploring Sound and Image
By Staff Writer Erin Malley

In addition to the broad range of dance films being screened at SFDFF dance screen 2013, let’s not forget about all the other activities and discussions to partake in!

To begin with, check out the panel discussions held throughout the day on Saturday at the Delancey Screening Room. Earlier today, I was able to catch panels on music rights for film, and on photography providing inspiration for both dance and dance film.

In the first panel, called Sound of Music – Inspiration or Nightmare? I got some valuable points from Brooke Wentz, founder of the Music Rights Workshop. Wentz helped us gain clarity on who to contact, should we decide to use prerecorded music for film. She also guided us through some copyright basics, and told us a couple of panic inducing ‘nightmare’ stories. At this panel discussion, it was also interesting to hear the perspective of two filmmakers on their process with music – Kate Duhamel and Altin Kaftira. A question central to their part of the discussion: What is more important, the rights to the music or the rights to the film? The answer is both! But there are many nuances that must be considered.

In the second panel, called Decisive Moment – Where the Film Begins, photographers Jordan Matter, who shot the New York Times Best-Seller Dancers Among Us, and RJ Muna, a well-known local photographer and filmmaker both spoke on their processes and experiences of working with dancers. Providing a unique perspective, these professional photographers defined how to get the most out of an image while collaborating with dancers to draw out their creativity and ability.

Four panels follow tomorrow on Saturday. But might I suggest peeking into a viewing station opposite Delancey Screening Room when you’re not listening to a panel? Inside, you can watch all of the submissions to the dance screen 2013 on individual monitors. It’s a way to catch up on the films you may have missed, and discover a potential gem in the process! (Access to the viewing stations available for festival pass holders only).