Tiit’s Top Ten Recommendations

Here are my picks for the top ten dance films in this year’s festival. I’m buzzing with excitement and cannot wait to hear what audiences think of the wide range of films that will be presented.

1. Ballet Spiral (USA)

Director: Sam Asaert
Well-shot with still capture, about backstage life during a ballet performance.

2. Globe Trot (USA)

Director: Mitchell Rose
Choreographer: Bebe Miller

This is a fun experience that was made possible by having 54 filmmakers in 23 different countries team up.

3. Glove Story (Israel)

Director: Oren Shkedy
Choreographer: Dana Ruttenberg

After I finished watching “Glove Story,” I could not shut up about it. The intention and mystery about the dancers kept me captivated throughout. It truly is a piece of art. Dancers, music, sets, costumes, choreography, emotions, and editing; everything comes together in this 37-minute film perfectly.

4. Intrinsic Moral Evil (Netherlands)

Director: Harm Weistra
Choreographer: Fernando Dominguez

The director presents a very nice narrative, but I suggest you just watch it and make up your own story. Either way it works well, with clever slow motion capture that is interspersed with effective camera angles.

5. Off Ground (Netherlands)

Director: Boudewijn Koole
Choreographer: Jakop Ahlbom

“Off Ground” made me truly appreciate the power of simple choreography. Brilliant would be an understatement. Every aspect of this film is so complete that it is painfully satisfying to watch.

6. Rules of the Game (Canada and USA)

Directors: Jeff Kuperman, Rick Kuperman
Choreographers: Jeff Kuperman, Rick Kuperman
I find it remarkable how this choreography is able to mimic human conversation. One can literally follow the exchange of these physically gifted dancers. The whole film makes sense and is another great collaboration between the dancers, choreographers, and the filmmakers.

7. Samba (USA)

Directors: Andrea Lerner, Rosane Chamecki
Choreographer: chameckilerner
Over two-and-a-half minutes the viewer is treated to a mezmorizing glimpse into the human body in slow motion. This silent movie will not be too silent when the audiences see it. I anticipate laughter and catcalls throughout the screening.

8. Still (Netherlands)

Director: William Lü
Choreographer: William Lü

This film captures the loneliness in an already committed relationship. The male figure’s expression, or lack of it ironically, is so captivating throughout the movie that anyone can relate to his emptiness.

9. The Art of Defining Me (UK)

Director: Seeta Patel, Kamala Devam
Choreographer: Seeta Patel, Kamala Devam
Extremely entertaining and plays with the viewer’s mind till the very end. This film has great camera work, dialogue and full commitment from the dancers/actors.

Vanishing Points (Canada)

Director: Marites Carino
Choreographer: Tentacle Tribe
Watching “Vanishing Points” just blew my mind. The control that these dancers have of their bodies is incredible. The whole movie is shot backwards, making it even more compelling for me to watch it over and over.