One and Another Half

(China, 2018) 3:38 Director:Chen Yujie Choreographer:Xie Xin Half-bright meets half-dark, half-gray combines with half-color, half-known encounters half-unknown. Explicitly or secretly, calmly or dangerously, one side keeps building up, while the…

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(China, 2018) 1:56 Director:Zhou Liheng Choreographer:Liu Bin Moth darting into a flame, bringing destruction upon itself.

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(China, 2018) 2:59 Director:Chen Yuting Choreographer:Zhang Yixiang To awaken from the individual life is the living aspiration of each human being in the world. It is a long-term process full…

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(China, 2018) 1:17 Director: Hua Ming Choreographer: Hua Ming In this peace era, war is a word which is looking far away from the public, but the thinking of the…

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