Co-Laboratory Films + Local Shorts

Closing night 2014 launches three new films from our Co-Laboratory along with a full program of local shorts, demonstrating the curious nature of Bay Area artists as they tinker with technology, collaborate with musicians, dance with tiny animals, with mannequins, and with the city itself.

Followed by Q & A, moderated by Chris Mason Johnson, along with a closing reception.

Co-presented by Dancers’ Group

Sunday, November 9, 2014 | 7:00 pm

Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco
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2014 Co-Laboratory Films

Presented by Fountain 3 Films

Brother from Another Time 2014 San Francisco Dance Film Festival

Brother From Another Time

(USA, 2014) 6:31
Director: Cheryl Dunye
Choreographer: Jocquese Whitfield

Restless 2014 San Francisco Dance Film Festival


(USA, 2014) 3:43
Director: RJ Muna
Choreographer: Julia Adam

AM/FM Co-Laboratory, 2014 San Francisco Dance Film Festival


(USA, 2014) 4:22
Director: Morgan Wise
Choreographer: Robert Moses

Local Shorts

mmaj_still-3The Music Is Moving

(USA, 2014) 3:00
Director: Kate Duhamel
Choreographer: Michael Montgomery

Two dancers make their way across San Francisco, exploring the rich colors, energy and movements of the city’s diverse neighborhoods.

SayWhenSay When

(USA, 2013) 3:39
Director: Jason Jurgens
Choreographer: Dana Genshaft

This music video for “The Generationals” tries to capture the beauty of “process” and the idea that perfection is an illusion.


(USA, 2013) 9:34
Director: RJ Muna
Choreographer: Jodi Lomask

“Flock” is a segment of Capacitor’s show “biome.” It was inspired by Craig Reynold’s rules of flocking: Don’t bump into another, keep up with your neighbors, and don’t stray.

AtCloseDistanceAt Close Distance *

(USA, 2013) 5:10
Director: Blair Brown
Choreographers: Blair Brown, Ildiko Polony

“At Close Distance” reflects on the close, and yet sometimes distant, interactions between human beings in a crowded San Francisco.


(USA, 2014) 6:00
Directors: Eric Garcia, Kat Cole
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A woman in a fur coat encounters a voyeuristic yak.


(USA, 2014) 6:44
Director: Kevin Jenkins
Choreographer: Kevin Jenkins

Dancers take a step back in time to the styles of Charlie Chaplin.


(USA, 2014) 3:00
Director: Dexandro “D” Montalvo
Choreographer: Dexandro “D” Montalvo

As the debate around high-tech invasion of privacy rages, in the home of the tech revolution, a dancer explores the power and intimacy of Google Glass as we see the world through his eyes.


(USA, 2011) 4:12
Director: Justin Tipping
Choreographer: Natasha Adorlee Johnson

An urban take on the Pinocchio tale; what happens when creation comes to life outside the factory? Directed by Justin Tipping, Amp Live is a musical Gepetto wandering the mannequin factory scouring for parts. He takes his mannequin to the desert and imagination soars in this fantastical world.

dolly_title_shot2Steadfast Body, Marshmallow Heart

(USA, 2013) 6:58
Director: Erin Malley
Choreographer: Erin Malley
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‘Steadfast Body, Marshmallow Heart’ follows an armless, legless mannequin as she pursues her dreams at dance class.

Wild'sTonicWild’s Tonic, Part I

(USA, 2013) 10:54
Director: Jonah Einstein
Choreographer: Lara Wilson

A boy-meets-girl, nature-meets-dance film that places ballet somewhere between human behavior and animal instinct.


(USA, 2014) 4:04
Director: Mimi Cave
Choreographers: Mimi Cave, Casey Avaunt

Magic Man’s first music video is a mix of surrealist visual effects and dancers strewn across dreamlike landscapes. This video was shot in the Bay Area, with all local talent cast.

* Student Film

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