SFDFF Spring 2024 Queer Program Intimité Révélée premiere

Digital Program: Premiere Screening

Saturday, April 27, 2024 @ 6:30pm at ODC Theater

Saturday, April 27, 2024 @ 8:00pm at ODC Theater

Program runtime: 60 minutes
Co-presented by: Ballet22, Impulse San Francisco, ODC

Saturday’s program features the eagerly anticipated premiere of SFDFF’s Co-Laboratory film “Intimité Révélée,” a fresh collaboration between SFDFF, Ballet22 and a creative team led by Artistic Director Lorris Eichinger, Director Natasha Adorlee, and Co-Choreographers Hope Mohr and Olivia Evans. “Intimité Révélée” emerges as a tender statement that dares to explore and celebrate the nuances of queer love and intimacy. The program opens with a screening of select queer films from the SFDFF archives.


A love letter to San Francisco

Luke Willis
Lady Camden
(United States, 2022) 3:34
Still from "I Just Wanna Dance" by Amanda Beane, Abdiel Jacobsen and Shay Dixon dance film at SFDFF 2021

I Just Wanna Dance

Amanda Beane
Abdiel Jacobsen and Shay Dixon
(USA, 2021) 5:00 min
I Just Wanna Dance showcases the vitality and innovation of dancers from both the New York City and Los Angeles hustle scene.
Still from Wo by Jiemin Yang dance film at SFDFF 2021


Jiemin Yang
Jiemin Yang
(USA, 2020) 11:07 min
A short dance film exploring the internal struggle of a queer Chinese American immigrant dance artist living in New York City

“Wo” examines the collision of cultural identity, artistic ambition, and sexuality and the courageous resilience required to live authentically within all of these spheres.

Coming Home

Coming Home

Marta Dymek
Robin Dekkers
(United States, 2017) 5:11
SFDFF's Co-Laboratory film uses dance as a medium to tell the story of a young girl in love

“Coming Home”, created in collaboration with Post:Ballet, uses dance as a medium to tell the story of a young girl in love. At her high school homecoming dance, she grapples with uncertainty, fear of rejection, and impossible longing as she hovers in the periphery of the girl of her dreams. This is a story of that extraordinary moment of courage, where desire and disaster stand so close, and the whole world hangs by a breath. This film was created as part of the San Francisco Dance Film Festival’s Co-Laboratory, an experimental dance film laboratory.

Tajabone, Raphael Chatelain, Nicolas Huchard


Raphael Chatelain, Nicolas Huchard
Nicolas Huchard
(France, 2021) 3:30 minutes
Uplifting, inspiring, and uncompromising - Tajabone is a transcendental parade of queer empowerment.

“Tajabone” is a transcendental parade of Black French queer empowerment. The performers use their bodies to explore the fragility, strength, and conviction at the heart of a community bonded by radical self-expression. Poet Mykki Blanco wrote and narrated a poem that echoes like a trance; uplifting, inspiring, and uncompromising.


Jelanii’s Dance

Maggie Piazza Carroll
Jelanii Kabita
(United States, 2017) 3:43
Jelanii has been through tough times but bursts through the screen with the tenacity and drive of a true survivor.

Jelanii moves through life with unrelenting positivity and determination, even when faced with extreme adversity. The short was featured on “Where Love Is Illegal” which shares LGBTIQ stories of discrimination and survival from around the world.



Nick Borenstein
(United States, 2019) 5:00
Corey's day couldn't be worse. Then he gets a free coffee.

Intimité Révélée

Natasha Adorlee
Lorris Eichinger, Hope Mohr, Olivia Evans
(United States, 2024) 6:00
PREMIERE SCREENING. SFDFF in collaboration with Ballet22 premiere a short dance film for queer people, with queer people, about queer people.

SFDFF in collaboration with Ballet22 premiere the new Co-Laboratory film “Intimité Révelée”. The dance film centers around the beauty and normalcy of queer intimacy, and follows three queer couples as they navigate intimacy in public and private settings.

“In a dance world that continues to operate in a binary way and driven by heteronormative stories, iconography, and esthetics, “Intimité Révélée” intends to show scenes of intimacy between queer couples through dance, to normalize what queer love could look like on stage and in dance film. This work provides representation for LGBTQIA+ community in dance film.”
– Lorris Eichinger

The film’s premiere on April 27th will feature several queer dance films, along with a live performance of choreography by Lorris Eichinger set on the dancers featured in the film: Sunny Winn, Luella Nandra, Charmaine Butcher, Alaja Badalich, D Calhoun and Liam Fleming.


SFDFF has partnered with Impulse San Francisco to host a fabulous cocktail reception “The SFDFF Après Soirée”, following the final showing on April 27th from 9PM-midnight. It will take place at ODC Annex (next door to the theater), with light bites, cocktails, mocktails, DJ LAKEVERETT, and other special entertainment. The after party is FREE and is limited to ticket holders of both the 6:30 and 8pm programs. Registration is required and information was sent to ticket holders via email.

Haven’t registered for the After Party yet? Talk to our staff at the theater after the screening!