Encore Shorts: Duel

Director's Statement

At the heart of the desert, a bounty hunter finally finds an infamous raider and attempts to take him down to claim the bounty. Both cowboys duel it out to prove who the baddest cowboy is in the wild, wild west.

Producer: Sky Solitude Pictures
Director: Alfonso Sales
Cinematographer: Alfonso Sales
Choreographer and Dancers: Kali Twins (Juan Diego Villarosa and Juan Gabriel Villarosa)
Writers: Alfonso Sales, Juan Diego Villarosa, Juan Gabriel Villarosa
Production Assistant: Karla Urquiaga

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This Encore Shorts film has expired and is no longer available to view on our website.

SFDFF Encore Shorts Duel

Film Info

Director: Alfonso Sales
Choreographer: Juan Diego Villarosa, Juan Gabriel Villarosa
(Philippines, 2020) 4:17 min
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