Encore Shorts: Inner

Director's Statement

Inner is a A short dance journey of a inner dialogue. The movements are driven by emotions from the past, present and the future.

Performance by: Lateef Williams Nancy Osbaldeston | Film by: Funda Erzade | Music by: Kubilay Kaya | Drone operator: John Huijbregts


Social Media
Funda Erzade @funda_erzade | Lateef Williams @tanzerli13 | Nancy Osbaldeston @dancenancydance

This Encore Shorts film has expired and is no longer available to view on our website.

SFDFF Encore Shorts Inner Funda Erzade

Film Info

Director: Funda Erzade
Choreographer: Lateef Williams, Nancy Osbaldeston
(Belgium, 2021) 2:44 min
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