Encore Shorts: I Just Wanna Dance

Director's Statement

Set in a Victorian ballroom overlooking the San Francisco skyline, the dancers take a journey through genres of partner dancing, addressing homophobia and effeminophobia.

Rooted in hustle, the dancers move through its various influences such as mambo and lindy-hop while integrating elements of contemporary hip-hop. During this duet, they develop a relationship, breakthrough societal norms, and come to terms with intimacy. Shot with a remote head and jib the camera sweeps through the fast-paced choreography capturing hustle as a transcendent force of black joy and tenderness.

Social Media: Amanda Beane / Abdiel Jacobsen / Shay Dixon

SFDFF Encore Shorts I Just Wanna Dance

Film Info

Director: Amanda Beane
Choreographer: Abdiel Jacobsen, Shay Dixon
(USA, 2021) 5:00 min
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