Encore Shorts: Stavropol

Director's Statement

Stavropol is a short dance film using the ‘battle’ format – familiar to hip-hop, freestylers and breakers, where two teams compete against each other on the dance floor – as a template on top of which a tightly choreographed contemporary performance is delivered. Two teams of female dancers – marked by their neon-colored wardrobe – dance against each other in thrilling synchronicity, culminating in a moment where the two lead dancers go (literally) head to head. And then, in a surprising twist, the leaders switch teams before, in an extraordinary mix of fluidity and spikiness, the teams merge for a final expansive group dance.

Social Media: Andrew Margetson

This Encore Shorts film has expired and is no longer available to view on our website.


Film Info

Director: Director: Andrew Margetson
Choreographer: Choreographer: Irina Kononova
(United Kingdom, 2022) 4:14 minutes
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