Encore Shorts: Escualo

Director's Statement

Set to Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla’s music of the same title, Escualo showcases fast and furious tapping by the Lombard twins: Martin and Facundo Lombard. The unison tapping sequences pack a percussive punch as the duo dances throughout the bare space. Translating to “shark” in Spanish, Escualo fittingly floods the screen with power, drive, drama, and a hint of mystery.

With relentless energy from start to finish, Escualo was an audience favorite at the 2015 San Francisco Dance Film Festival. It was produced, directed, and edited by Martin and Facundo Lombard. The film’s Director of Photography and Camera Operator was Mike Mitchell.

Film Info

Director: Martin & Facundo Lombard
Choreographer: Martin & Facundo Lombard
(USA, 2014) 3:57
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