2022 SFDFF
2022 SFDFF
2022 Programs
2022 Programs

2022 Festival Programs

SFDFF presents its 13th annual Festival. From October 28 – November 7, international and locally produced dance films will be featured in various San Francisco theaters and streamed online. At the close of the Festival an invited jury will announce its award selections and give cash prizes in six categories.

For detailed information on individual programs, click on the images below. Tickets and passes can be purchased on the program pages or by visiting our Tickets Page.

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SFDFF 2022 Festival - Opening-Night
Opening night launches with a specially curated program of some of the more provocative, creative and joyous dance film shorts from this year’s official selections
55 minutes
Friday, October 28 @ 7pm
Lucasfilm Premier Theater
1 Letterman Drive, San Francisco


SFDFF 2022 Festival - Catharine Clark
Three experimental films transform everyday movements and situations, extending the familiar into the realms of the beautifully poetic and comically absurd
60 minutes
Sunday, October 30 @ 7:30pm
Catharine Clark Gallery

BOXBLUR at Catharine Clark – Experimenta...

SFDFF 2022 Festival - Raising-Voices
Delve into moving stories through a provocative collection of activism-based films featuring dance, storytelling, poetry and music
76 minutes
Thursday, November 3rd @ 7pm
Roxie Theater

Raising Voices

SFDFF 2022 Festival - Bella
"One of the greatest American dancers of our age," (Walter Terry) Bella Lewitzky was a talented, strong, out-spoken artist who dedicated her creative life to protect the rights of every American citizen.
(United States, 2022) 98 minutes
Friday, November 4 @ 7pm
Delancey Theater


SFDFF 2022 Festival - In Balanchine's Classroom
What was Balanchine’s secret? Reflections from his former dancers reveal new facets to the iconic choreographer’s process.
(United States, 2021) 88 minutes
Saturday, November 5 @ 4pm
Delancey Theater

In Balanchine’s Classroom

SFDFF 2022 Festival Title Graphic LIFT
Lift tells the astounding story of Steven Melendez who overcame significant obstacles to achieve worldwide recognition on the ballet stage
(United States, 2022) 87 minutes
Saturday, November 5 @ 7pm
Delancey Theater


SFDFF 2022 Festival - Sin La Habana
Power, money, and creativity intertwine in a passionate love triangle with a hint of destiny.
(Canada, 2020) 90 minutes
Sunday, November 6 @3:30pm
Brava Theater

Sin La Habana

SFDFF 2022 Festival - Bay Area Shorts
SFDFF continues its annual tradition of supporting local artists with this closing night celebration of dance, film, and community.
118 minutes
Sunday, November 6 @ 6:30pm
Brava Theater

Bay Area Shorts


SFDFF 2022 Festival - Doc Shorts
Four documentary shorts from around the world showcase the passion and resilience of artists pursuing a life in dance
October 28 - November 7
Streaming on Eventive

Doc Shorts: Movers and Makers

SFDFF 2022 Festival Graphic Finding Me
SFDFF presents its annual Finding Me program, celebrating the search for identity through dance
October 28 - November 7
Streaming on Eventive

Finding Me

SFDFF 2022 Festival - Narrative Shorts
Immerse yourself in six unforgettable narrative stories with dance at their centers.
October 28 - November 7
Streaming on Eventive

Narrative Shorts: Rituals & Riddles

SFDFF 2022 Festival - Screendance I
Indulge in a playful smorgasbord of dance film with an eclectic mix of artistic disciplines and styles
October 28 - November 7
Streaming on Eventive

Screendance I: Short N’ Suite

SFDFF 2022 Festival - Screendance II
In this collection of mid-length works, surreal stories and dreamlike encounters are punctuated by unexpected moments and colorful characters
October 28 - November 7
Streaming on Eventive

Screendance II: Surreal & Real

SFDFF 2022 Festival - Screendance III
Travel the globe with these five short films showcasing the beauty and artistry of screendance
October 28 - November 7
Streaming on Eventive

Screendance III: Carving Spaces

SFDFF 2022 Festival - Screendance IV
SFDFF brings two “Mothers” together in this double bill featuring two groundbreaking companies
October 28 - November 7
Streaming on Eventive

Screendance IV: Two Mothers