Bay Area Shorts Part 2

Program Films

I Don't Need a Reason, Luke Willis
Lady Camden, Rupaul's Drag Race Season 14 finalist, reflects on what compels her to dance.
Luke Willis
Myles Thatcher
(United States, 2022) 3:00 minutes

I Don’t Need A Reason

KQED, Sean Dorsey Dance - Dream Big
A heartfelt call to trans and nonbinary people to claim their right to a life they love.
Lindsay Gauthier
Sean Dorsey
(United States, 2022) 9:49 minutes

Sean Dorsey Dance: Dreaming Trans & Quee...

La Bruja De Mori, Jocelyn Margaret Reyes
A witch’s curse makes moves at Mori Point.
Jocelyn Margaret Reyes
Jocelyn Reyes, Jessica Bozzo, Erin Yen
(United States, 2021) 4:30 minutes

La Bruja De Mori

Rada, Joaquin Bear
A short film directed by Joaquin Bear.
Joaquin Bear
Lucia Flexer-Marshall
(United States, 2022) 2:37 minutes


The Future Is Worn, Adrian Rojas Elliot
A short, music-driven fable where a voyager named Sol finds freedom from isolation.
Adrian Rojas Elliot
Melissa Schade
(United States, 2022) 3:45 minutes

The Future is Worn

SEEN, Kim Moran
A story of identity, SEEN explores gender dysphoria, depression, and the power of visibility.
Kim Moran
Kim Moran
(United States, 2022) 5:25 minutes


Monumental; Stephanie Sherman, Melissa Castro, Aitana Galaviz
What would it look like if Mexican society cared as much for female bodies as it does for its monuments?
Stephanie Sherman, Melissa Castro, Aitana Galaviz
Stephanie Sherman, Melissa Castro
(Mexico, 2022) 6:46 minutes


The Water Poem, Ram- Dass Khalsa Karin, Shimoyama Ramona Kelley
The Water Poem shares one person’s memories of love and relationships over time, recognizing how beautifully everything is connected.
Ram Dass Khalsa, Karin Shimoyama, Ramona Kelley
Ramona Kelley, Weston Krukow
(United States, 2021) 6:01 minutes

The Water Poem

Chrysalis Interrupted, Fred Aube, Alberto Gutiérrez
In a moving interpretation of force and vulnerability, Chrysalis Interrupted advocates that it is not the culmination of our mutation process that strengthens us but rather the sum of our failures, chains and struggles.
Fred Aube, Alberto Gutiérrez
Fanny Ara
(United States, 2022) 2:41min

Chrysalis Interrupted

Mami Wata, Afia H. Thompson
Mami Wata is the sacred water deity that shifts between genders.
Afia H Thompson
Afia Thompson, Nafi Thompson, Shawn Hawkins, Bianca Mendoza
(United States, 2020) 7:30 minutes

Mami Wata

Hello Hello On Fire, Pete Lee
How do I release myself from a history I don’t want to keep reliving?
Pete Lee
Natasha Adorlee
(United States, 2022) 5:09 minutes

Hello, Hello on Fire