SFDFF 2023 Streaming Telephone

“Telephone” is an activist screendance documentary celebrating emotionally rich, poetic audio description for dance, which allows blind and visually impaired people to be included fully in the joy of artistic expression.

Created specifically with a visually impaired audience in mind, the film brings awareness to the important art form of audio description for dance while facilitating an immersive sensory experience for audience members of all sight levels. Featuring diverse disabled and non-disabled artists from across the globe, “Telephone” demystifies and legitimizes audio description, not just as an access tool, but as a beautiful, rich art form in its own right. Accessibility features include audio description, open captions, and in-frame ASL interpretation.


Viewing Details: Streaming on ODC Connect

Program Info

October 5 - October 15
Venue: Streaming on ODC Connect
Director: Krishna Washburn, Heather Shaw
Choreographer: Heather Shaw with interpretations by all dancers and describers
(United States, 2022) 43 minutes
Genre: Documentary