Love, A State of Grace & futile/gestures

SFDFF 2023 Love A State Of Grace

Filmed over four days in San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, “Love, A State of Grace” is a multifaceted immersive meditation on vulnerability, courage, and loving attunement to our common humanity, told through the mesmerizing art of aerial dance.

For four days in 2022, Zaccho Dance Theatre transformed San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral. Amid the cathedral’s towering ceilings, stained glass windows, and cavernous chambers, performers ascend a 100-ft ladder and soar on a 70-foot swinging pendulum, defying gravity with equanimous grace.

Featured Short: futile/gestures

Program Info

Sunday, October 8 @ 3:00pm
Venue: ODC Theater
$15 General Admission
Director: Bryan Gibel, Joanna Haigood
Choreographer: Joanna Haigood
(United States, 2022) 34 minutes
Genre: Live Performance Capture