Experimental @ Catharine Clark Gallery

Experience the expansive power of imagination and remarkable creative drive in this collection of short experimental screendance works.

Experience the expansive power of imagination and remarkable creative drive in this collection of short experimental screendance works. Through unflinching engagement with inequity, authoritarian delusions, and the climate crisis, filmmakers discover paths to healing and liberation through artistic inspiration and embodied expression that push dance to a higher plane of possibility and meaning.

Program Sponsor: Carol Keller


Program Info

Runtime: 56 minutes

Wednesday, October 4 @ 7:30pm

Venue: Catharine Clark Gallery


Program Films

(Re)Inscribed–Adam Loveday Brown
An exploration of the internal journey of a person navigating the impact of personal and historical experiences related to the boundaries of feminine blackness and self-authorship.
Adam Loveday-Brown
Alethia Antonia
(United Kingdom, 2022) 6:09 minutes


Leleb by Marc Aziz Ressang dance film SFDFF 2023
Set in the flooded villages of Java, Indonesia, “Leleb” reckons with the despair that surrounds a disappearing home, and is dedicated to those who endure.
Marc Aziz Ressang
Siko Setyanto
(Indonesia, 2022) 3:20 minutes


Bull Rider-Alexia Oldini, Steven Gray
“Bull Rider” merges meditations on dance from choreographer Martha Graham with music by composer Philip Glass and video featuring professional bull rider and modern dancer Ouncie Mitchell at the 2022 Oakley Rodeo in Oakley, UT.
Alexia Oldini, Steven Gray
Ouncie Mitchell
(United States, 2022) 1:54 minutes

Bull Rider

Viscera, Phoebe Davies, Nandi Bhebhe
In a stark, enclosed space, a Black woman in yellow confronts the viewer with eloquent rage, powerful composure, and assured grace to challenge the silencing entrapment of oppression.
Phoebe Davies, Nandi Bhebhe
Phoebe Davies, Nandi Bhebhe
(United Kingdom, 2022) 14:00 minutes


Build or Destroy-Rashaad Newsome
In a vibrant collage of animation and movement, “Build or Destroy” depicts a blazing and bedazzled femme superfigure as she uses her powers of vogue performance to illuminate and detonate the world around her.
Rashaad Newsome
Honey Balenciaga, Legendary Dawn Ebony, Legendary Divo Ebony, Legendary Tia Lanvin, Legendary Leiomy Maldonado, Legendary Star Revlon
(United States, 2021) 5:34 minutes

Build or Destroy

The Awakening-Ryan Uzilevsky-
“The Awakening” is an exploration of emotive movement choreographed to interact with kaleidoscopic, larger-than-life architectural projections.
Ryan Uzilevsky
Alison Clancy
(United States, 2020) 7:50 minutes

The Awakening

Oiche by David Anthony Curley dance film SFDFF 2023
Set in a succession of museum galleries and cavernous white spaces, “Oíche” (Night) is a celebration of dichotomy and diversity through the power of ecstatic dance.
David Anthony Curley
Zoë Ashe-Browne
(Ireland, 2023) 10:05 minutes


Oceano A Pacific Ritual Murat M Eyuboglu butoh dance film SFDFF 2023
Filmed on the Jogasaki Coast of Japan, “Océano: A Pacific Ritual” is a meditation on humanity’s fundamental interconnectedness with nature.
Murat M Eyuboglu
Dai Matsuoka
(United States, 2022) 10:48 minutes

“Océano: A Pacific Ritual” (installation...