Narrative Shorts

Get lost in storytelling with this seamless fusion of dance, dialogue, acting and cinematography.

In this selection of six short narrative films, the universal language of dance colors a diverse array of scenes, atmospheres, and characters—each in under 15 minutes. Journey from a whimsical film set to a futuristic digital dystopia and delve deeply into contemporary issues of joy, loss, perseverance, and the abiding strength of the human spirit. With each dance move, each line of dialogue, and each meticulously framed shot, the Narrative Shorts program encapsulates the power of collaboration between dance artists, actors, choreographers, and filmmakers.


Program Info

Runtime: 64 minutes

Thursday, October 5 @ 6pm

Venue: ODC Theater

$15 General Admission

Program Films

Old Man at the Corner Store-Nadav Heyman, Anabella Casanova
In “Old Man at the Corner Store,” an elderly man crosses paths with young neighborhood mischief-makers and dances them through a game of “follow the leader”.
Nadav Heyman, Anabella Casanova
Nadav Heyman, Cheryl Mann
(United States, 2023, 8:10 minutes

Old Man at the Corner Store

To Everything I Love-Anthony Morigerato
“To: Everything I Love” explores the cycle of experiences in finding true love amid the rapid pace of change that technology and artificial intelligence are bringing upon individuals and society.
Anthony Morigerato
Anthony Morigerato, Makayla Ryan
(United States, 2023) 12:56 minutes

To: Everything I Love

Dance After the Last Dance Candice in sun blindfolded
In “The Dance After the Last Dance,” a woman finds healing by dancing with grief on the morning after her partner’s funeral.
Candice Holdorf
Candice Holdorf
(United States, 2022) 8:48 minutes

The Dance After the Last Dance

Beyond The Off Screen Axel Robin dance film SFDFF 2023
In a cheeky take on the behind-the-scenes genre, “Beyond the Off-Screen” is a film within a film that uses dance to celebrate the quotidian actions of filmmaking.
Axel Robin
Laurence Wells
(Canada, 2022) 9:37 minutes

Beyond the Off-Screen

Future Futures-Walters VeryBad Day-Brian J. Johnson
“Walter’s Very Bad Day,” an excerpt from the sci-fi serial “Future Futures,” follows a disgruntled worker through an eerie reality as he wrestles with the digital destiny of humankind.
Brian J Johnson
Josh Martin, Lisa Mariko Gelley
(Canada, 2022) 10:39 minutes

Future Futures – Walter’s Very Bad Day...

Regret To Inform You-Yusuf Nasir
A touching ode to the underdog, “Regret to Inform You” follows a difficult day in the life of a performer who reckons with rejections that push him to the verge of forced obscurity and retirement.
Yusuf Nasir
Yusuf Nasir
(United States, 2022) 13:50 minutes

Regret To Inform You