Screendance 2: What’s the Story?

Delve into unconventional storytelling in this selection of five experimental shorts with narrative threads.

From the surreal to the mundane, these films move through dream-like realms and real-life situations to give fresh insight into our shared world and imagined possibilities. Whether wrestling with the artistic process, struggling with mental health issues, or simply seeking moments of interconnected joy in life, these artists use dance to sketch evocative impressions of individuals and societies and push the boundaries of storytelling.

Program Info

Runtime: 62 minutes

Saturday, October 7 @ 1:30pm

Venue: ODC Theater

$15 General Admission

Program Films

Just Start-io Ermoli, Callee Egan
In a conversation between acting, lip-syncing, and gestural pantomime dance, “Just Start” depicts the process of coming up with an idea for a dance film.
io Ermoli, Callee Egan
io Ermoli, Callee Egan
(United States, 2023) 4:02 minutes

Just Start

Just Short of Reality SFDFF 2023
“Just Short of Reality” is a series of interlocking shorts that show the mundane serendipities of everyday life through the genres of surrealism, silent film, and dance.
Matt Alfano, Chad McFadden
Matt Alfano, Chad McFadden
(Canada, 2022) 36:45 minutes

Just Short of Reality

Anyone Who Knows-Kate Harpootlian
“Anyone Who Knows” explores the depths of isolation and rage when faced with the quiet and indifferent disintegration of a relationship.
Kate Harpootlian
Kate Harpootlian
(United States, 2023) 6:55 minutes

Anyone Who Knows

Kill the Minotaur-Naya Kuu
A man attempts to escape the prison of his mind in “Kill the Minotaur,” a moody illustration of the frustrations and absurdities in everyday life.
Naya Kuu
Alejandro Moya
(Belgium, 2023) 6:35 minute

Kill the Minotaur

Dreams in the Cubicle-Xinrui Zhu
In the mechanized, anonymous world of the office, “Dreams in the Cubicle” is a fresh reminder to relish small joys in life.
Xinrui Zhu
Xinrui Zhu
(China, 2022) 7:50 minutes

Dreams in the Cubicle