Screendance 1: 10 Under 10

Discover screendance with this selection of 10 works under 10 minutes

Drawn from artists working in seven countries and a rich variety of contemporary and traditional dance styles, this program features a broad selection of 10 screendance works all under 10 minutes. By layering choreography, cinematography, music, and visual art, these films draw inspiration from diverse urban and rural landscapes to beautifully express relatable themes of isolation, connection, cultural preservation, and powerful emotional transformation.

Program Info

Runtime: 60 minutes

Friday, October 6 @ 6:00pm

Venue: ODC Theater

$15 General Admission

Program Films

Is There A Balm In Gilead-Luca Tuffarelli, Justine -Doswell
Set in the landscapes of western Ireland, "Is There Balm in Gilead?" takes inspiration from ethno-cultural myths and writings centered on the raven.
Luca Truffarelli, Justine Doswell
Justine Doswell
(Ireland, 2022) 6:47 minutes

Is There Balm in Gilead?

Pióra–Jay Gearing
Two dancers craft love letters to themselves in “Pióra,” layering sign language with swirling, expressive dance to explore issues of gender and disability through friendship, solidarity, and nature.
Jay Gearing
Kate Marsh, Dominika Feiglewicz, Patrycja Jarosinska
(United Kingdom, 2022) 7:56 minutes


Isolation-Andrew Margetson
Confined to a small white box, the lone dancer in “Isolation” finds expansive expression and quiet curiosity in a fluidly rippling dance.
Andrew Margetson
Shay Latukolan
(United Kingdom, 2023) 2:37 minutes


Aura-Cheng long Tang
In “Aura,” two dancers in a black void move through tensely precise configurations around a table to a spare, percussive score that drives them into a frenzied trance.
Chenglong Tang
Chenglong Tang
(China, 2023) 9:49 minutes


ThickSkin-Laura Steiner
“Thick Skin” is a stylized meditation on bustling urban life in the Colombian capital city of Bogotá.
Laura Steiner
(Colombia, 2023) 2:51 minutes

Thick Skin

Captured Moments-Palle Lindqvist
In “Captured Moments,” two dancers dressed in elaborate batik costumes embody themes of wind, migration, and cultural identity on the stage of an empty, ornate theater.
Palle Lindqvist
Joakim Stephenson
(Sweden, 2022) 7:25 minutes

Captured Moments

Return In The Wind-Changhui Xie
“Return in the Wind” enlivens the spirit of ancient Bodhisattva statues in China’s Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes through the evocative movements of a dancer in traditional dress.
Changhui Xie
Changhui Xie
(China, 2023) 4:31 min

Return in the Wind

Soi-Nicole von Arx
Amid a dramatic rocky landscape, “Soi” depicts four dancers searching for connection and belonging.
Nicole von Arx
Nicole von Arx
(Switzerland, 2023) 4:41 minutes


The Noise My Leaves Make-Tia Monique Uzor
“The Noise my Leaves Make” is a contemporary dance film that explores Black womanhood and the rural environment in England.
Tia-Monique Uzor
Tia-Monique Uzor
(United Kingdom, 2022) 6:56 minutes

The Noise My Leaves Make

Parque SFDFF Screenscapes Touring Reel
Two bodies encounter dreamlike visions of fantastic figures and sacred imagery in “Park,” dancing through a labyrinthine passage into the next age.
Iván Asnicar, Ailén Cafiso
Ailén Cafiso
(Argentina, 2022) 6:24 minutes