Featured 2021 Encore Shorts

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SFDFF Encore Shorts Fly Me To The Moon
Kate Duhamel
Jenna Marie, Adji Cissoko
(United States, 2021) 2:48 min
Grammy-winner Ledisi sings a brand-new version of Bart Howard's classic, Fly Me to the Moon, with dancers from LINES Ballet and San Francisco Ballet, attired in bomber pilot jackets.

Encore Shorts: Fly Me to the Moon

Sebastian Kloborg
Sebastian Kloborg
(Germany, 2020) 5:54 min
Dance film starring the renowned Maria Kochetkova and Daniil Simkin

Encore Shorts: Diorama

Encore Shorts: Woven
Joe Mischo
Stephanie Kim
(USA , 2021) 2:56 min
In Woven, Shelley Bruce’s poetry combines with dance, and lyrical visuals in an ode to the abiding connection between womanhood and the natural world.

Encore Shorts: Woven

SFDFF Encore Shorts Dear Black Girls Yoram Savion
Yoram Savion
Isha Clarke, Shayla Avery
(United States, 2020) 9:09
Combines the duel disciplines of dance and poetry to express the power of self-awareness.

Encore Shorts: Dear Black Girls

Encore Shorts: Tang'O
Bastien Soleil
Ariadna Hafez
(France, 2020) 3:14 min
Tang’O offers an innovative take on underwater videography. In order to complete filming, the dancer and cameraman free dived 120 times

Encore Shorts: Tang’O

Film still from SFDFF 2022 Encore Shorts film Lying Together by Corey Baker
Corey Baker
Corey Baker
(United Kingdom, 2020) 4:50 min
Lying Together is a collaboration between Hong Kong Ballet and Corey Baker Dance. This colorful romp makes use of the city of Hong Kong as an ever intriguing and vital landscape to help raise awareness of the impact of climate change.

Encore Shorts: Lying Together

SFDFF Encore Shorts Smokestack Lightning
Charissa Kroeger, Eric Schloesser
Charissa Kroeger, Eric Schloesser
(USA, 2021) 6:04 min
Smokestack Lightning chronicles the adventure of two dancers as they navigate their shared dreamscape, devoid of time and relieved of convention

Encore Shorts: Smokestack Lightning

SFDFF Encore Shorts Historians
Akil McKenzie
Akil McKenzie
(Canada, 2020) 4:00 min
A moving collage of spoken word, visual art, and a wide array of dance styles, Historians interrogates the African American experience and highlights the powerful resilience of a community under constant attack

Encore Shorts: Historians

SFDFF Encore Shorts Brother
Nate Riedel
Bethia DeLong
(USA , 2019) 3:00 min
A heartfelt reminder that our differences are far less significant than all of the many qualities we have in common

Encore Shorts: Brother

SFDFF Encore Shorts film Pointe A2B
Natasha Adorlee, Max Sachar
Ben Needham-Wood
(USA, 2021) 6:00 min
Pointe A2B is a short dance film produced by Ballet22, and aims to push the boundaries of conventional classical ballet by featuring a male-male pas de deux en pointe

Encore Shorts: Pointe A2B

SFDFF Encore Shorts Evidence of it All by Drew Jacoby
Drew Jacoby
Drew Jacoby
(USA, 2021) 9:12 min
Choreographer Drew Jacoby (Nederlands Dans Theater, Royal Ballet of Flanders) directs her first short film for SFDanceworks

Encore Shorts: Evidence of it All

SFDFF Encore Shorts Exploring the Rise of Afro Dances
Angel Kaba
Angel Kaba, Jocelyn Gutierrez, Courtney Sauls, Mickey Sakai, Nkumu Katalay, Eto’o Tsana, Esther Grant Walker
(USA, 2020) 3:59 min
Exploring The Rise of Afro Dances in America depicts a variety of social dances from the African and Afro-Caribbean diaspora

Encore Shorts: Exploring The Rise of Afr...

SFDFF Encore Shorts Duel
Alfonso Sales
Juan Diego Villarosa, Juan Gabriel Villarosa
(Philippines, 2020) 4:17 min
In this playful homage to old Hollywood Westerns, a bounty hunter finally finds his target and attempts to capture his bounty Wild West style

Encore Shorts: Duel

SFDFF Encore Shorts Inner Funda Erzade
Funda Erzade
Lateef Williams, Nancy Osbaldeston
(Belgium, 2021) 2:44 min
Inner showcases two dancers in dialogue with their contrasting environment while exploring new methods of expression.

Encore Shorts: Inner

SFDFF Encore Shorts still from True Sound Facade
Laura N-Tamara
Kino McHugh
(UK, 2020) 2:30
True Sound Facade is a poetic dance and animation film in which a dancer realizes their digital self feels truer than their real world self

Encore Shorts: True Sound Facade

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