This work features two mature, highly-accomplished professional dancers – Danielle Rowe, an alum of Nederlands Dans Theatre, the Australian Ballet, and Houston Ballet; and Garrett Anderson who danced with Hubbard Street Dance, Trey McIntyre Dance Project, Royal Ballet of Flanders, and San Francisco Ballet. The camera takes on a life of its own to capture the ‘story’ of the choreography by carefully capturing the intent and the details in every movement, moment of stillness, and emotion conveyed.

And like any work of art displayed in a museum or gallery, each audience member offers their own unique perspective on the whole dance film based on their personal life experience. The interpretations for ‘Particles’ will vary from person to person but we can all agree on the film’s emotional potency.


The film explores choreography and performance through angles and perspectives that uniquely highlights the intimacy of performance in a setting most familiar to the dancer - their rehearsal studio.

Program Info

Director: Matthew McKee

Choreographer: Francisco Gella

Untied States, 2018 - 4:22 minutes

Genre: Contemporary, Short

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