TOM at Catharine Clark Gallery

Innovation meets age-old questions in this dark and affecting journey of self-discovery, touching on issues of loneliness, isolation, mental health, and the perseverance of the human spirit.

This soul searching, poetic film combines the hip hop language of b-boying with cutting-edge technologies including animation, photogrammetry, and chroma-key capture. Set in a hinterland between the civilized world and the wilderness, TOM tells the story of one man’s journey to rediscover who he really is.

*Please note: the Catharine Clark Gallery is now re-open to the public. Limited seating is available in compliance with city and CDC mandates



Feature Short: Clinamen

Using motion capture, director Hugo Arcier strips the bodies of three dancers performing on the Palais Garnier stage down to the interlacing movements of atoms. The result is a mesmerizing film revealing the quintessence of dance and movement.
Hugo Arcier
Christine Bastin
(France, 2020) 9:05


program info

Feature Ticket

$10 / Limited seating for 24

Wednesday, October 21 @7pm

Director(s): Wilkie Branson
Choreographer: Wilkie Branson

(United Kingdom, 2020) 56 minutes

Art / Experimental, Feature

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