GOLDEN is a wordless screen-dance in which a woman discovers, after years of domestic life, that her independence, intellectual curiosity, and sexual vibrancy are as powerful as ever. In dream-like sequences, she encounters the self she has been and the self that she can become.

From her musings emerges a passionate self-declaration, elucidated by repeated choreographic motifs, flashbacks and flashforwards, and the evolution of color and set decor. By extension, GOLDEN affirms a woman’s right to define herself- rather than be defined by others. At the same time, it also rejects the notion that aging women have an expiration date in terms of inherent value. In all, GOLDEN is unique alchemy- from drudgery to sparkling beauty.

Program Info

Director: Kate Mitchell

Choreographer: Bianca Cabrera, Kate Mitchell

Genre: art, Short

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