The Storm

Lotus Dickey wrote The Storm, adapted and arranged here by Evie Ladin for her all-female Body Music Moving Choir - MoToR/dance. Filmed and edited by Chafic Saad & Kris Lee of Kind Motion at the Albany Bulb, California - a public land rich with folk art and abandoned ad repurposed spaces.

In these contentious and unstable times, with potential destruction seemingly so near, or unpredictable, we know that diverse perspectives, love, and community activism and connection is what gives us hope and perseverance. Using nothing but the sonic qualities of the human body moving in space, MoToR/dance body music choreographies emphasize what we have when we strip the world down to only ourselves, having to deal with each other, making our own soundtrack to our thoughts.

Program Info

Director: Chafic Saad

Choreographer: Evie Ladin

Genre: art, Short

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