After Dark Shorts Program


Sexy. Cool. Creepy. Cult. A treat for the late-night crowd, this quirky collection of dance films spans the world from Korean vogue dancers to Parisian hairy hip hop creatures. With gothic music videos and steamy romances, mix your favorite drink and buckle up for the ride.

Viewing Details: This digital screening is available to stream between 12:00 pm Sunday, October 18 and 11:59 pm Sunday, October 25. Suggested Viewing Time: Friday, October 23 at 8:30 pm.

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Feature Ticket, Festival Pass

$9.00 / $50.00

Available October 18 - October 25, 2020

Runtime: 62 minutes


Program Films

Am I Paris
A film about acceptance and reflection.
Redha Medjellekh
Brice Larrieu aka SKORPION DANCER
(France, 2018) 2:08

Am I Paris

Katie Gately Waltz
Waltz is one part music video, and one part dance film, described as a Neo-gothic mini film by Fact Magazine, and a powerful portrait of the composer, Katie Gately, also starring acclaimed dancer Bobbi Jene Smith, directed by Samantha Shay.
Samantha Shay
Bobbi Jene Smith
(United States, 2020) 0:05:24

Katie Gately: Waltz

In this dark thriller, a new genre is emerging where horror meets dance film, interlaced and exciting, in way that you probably never have seen before.
Emelie Boman
Emelie Boman
(Sweden, 2020) 9:00


Dance transforms into something frenetic until it reaches its peak. Is it possible to start over?
Marta Romero Coll, Luz Ruciello
Elene Bravo, Claudio Rojas
(Spain, 2020) 0:04:27


Most of us have an alter ego hiding under the surface. We try our best to keep it in, but sometimes it escapes.
Dan Lowenstein
Kenneth Tindall
(United Kingdom, 2020) 0:10:16


Field Studies
The Field Studies series is a dream state meditation of bodies in motion, patterns in nature, and primal manifestations. Field Studies: Dark Version constructs a visual and sonic landscape of modern dance meets shamanistic primalism meets futuristic feminism.
Brett Astor
Brett Astor and Dancers
(United States, 2020) 0:3:22

Field Studies: Dark Version

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)
Jaehyeong Yoo
UU Milan
(Korea, Republic of, 2020) 0:02:49


Sub-Urban Cradles
Official music video for Sub Urban’s eerie single “Cradles.”
Andrew Donoho
Erin S. Murray
(United States, 2019) 3:39

Sub Urban – Cradles

Cass Lex
In his directorial debut, Berlin and Mexico City-based cinematographer Phillip Kaminiak embarks on a personal project where he attempts to deal with his previous relationships by training a lens on real-life couple Cassandre Clerc and Johannes Lex.
Phillip Kaminiak
Kiani del Valle
(Germany 2020) 4:47


Under the Waterfall
This video clip shows an explosive passion between two lovers, punctuated by an elegant and contemporary choreography in the streets of Paris.
Sebastien Caudron
Olivier Casamayou, Carine Charaire
(France, 2020) 2:58

Under the Waterfall – The Avener

No Don't Dance
These are dark times. The growing amount of political, social, and environmental issues fill the agendas of millions of concerned people around the world.
Andrea Vinciguerra
(Brazil, 2019) 0:02:39

No, I Don’t Want to Dance

Thao Nguyen performs “Phenom” from home while a rotating supporting cast performs choreographed routines in personal Zoom windows.
Erin S. Murray and Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux
Erin S. Murray
(United States, 2020) 0:02:51

Phenom – Thao and the Get Down Stay Down…

Eu Não Te
“Right hand on the belly, the left on the chest. I open and close the paths in me”
Projecto Zero Um
Projecto Zero Um
(Brazil, 2019) 0:04:23

Eu Não Te Conheço

Break It To Me, Muse music video
Music video for Muse’s song Break It To Me, featuring Matthew Gibbs doing “body popping.”
Lance Drake
Erin Murray
(United States, 2018) 3:41

Break It To Me: Muse

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