Raising Voices Shorts Program

Dance Film SF’s ongoing platform, Raising Voices returns for the 2020 festival with more provocative activism-based films that will stimulate conversation and open eyes through the uplifting power of dance, music, and text.

Weaving mini documentaries and experimental shorts in a program spanning a wide cross-section of the dance community, Raising Voices celebrates and centers artistic works that challenge social norms, amplifying themes and issues prevalent in our society.

BONUS PROGRAM: Features Q&A with Yoram Savion, Isha Clarke, and Shayla Avery. Moderated by Laura Elaine Ellis.

Viewing Details: This digital screening is available to stream between 12:00 pm Sunday, October 18 and 11:59 pm Sunday, October 25. Suggested Viewing Time: Thursday, October 22 at 7:00 pm followed by bonus program.

Community Partners: Dance Brigade, Destiny Arts Center

program info

Feature Ticket, Festival Pass

$9.00 / $50.00

October 18 - October 25, 2020

Runtime: 60 minutes


Program Films

Rise Up
Rise Up, is inspired by Andra Day’s song of the same name. The Syncopated Ladies were inspired to create a dance that focused on women’s rights and getting all people out to vote. Interspersed throughout the song are inspiring quotes from various strong female voices.
Becca Nelson
Chloe Arnold
(United States, 2016) 2:19

Rise Up

Zapateado KQED Arts
San Francisco’s La Mezcla dance company, founded and led by Vanessa Sanchez, uses dance and song to tell stories of Chicana history, culture and resistance.
Kelly Whalen
Vanessa Sanchez, La Mezcla Dance Company
(United States, 2020) 6:00

Zoot Suits and Zapateado

One Another
Set to a poem written and performed by Robin Sanders, the film questions ephemeral communities and migrations by following a dance group lost in a city.
Kevin Frilet
Julie Bour
(United States, 2019) 7:54

One Another

Where Good Souls Fear Alice Sheppard, SFDFF Raising Voices Program
Peek into the world of disabled dancer and choreographer Alice Sheppard and get unique insight into the development of the dance work Where Good Souls Fear.
Dahkil Hausif
Alice Sheppard
(United States, 2020) 11:39

Where Good Souls Fear

Spar with Trump
A compilation of dancers from the West and East coast dancing to a powerful song about losing trust in the system that doesn’t work for them.
YAK Films
Various Artists
(United States, 2020) 3:47

Spar With Trump

Bend is a timely love story that charts the distance between its lovers. A single charged gesture of political activism lays bare the fragile balance of a relationship, revealing how we all struggle with our past in the effort to forge a more honest future.
Susan Misner
Susan Misner
(United States, 2020) 12:00


Fear, YAK Films
FEAR features American writer, spoken word artist, and activist Marc Bamuthi Joseph alongside a Kingston, Jamaica-based cast and is the second film in the trilogy The Just and the Blind.
Yoram Savion
Nicholas “Nick” Bennet, Daniel “Prince” Campbell
(United States, 2019) 7:53


Emmy nominated Choreographer Chloe Arnold presents Apartment 33’s GLORY tribute. “Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere”
Becca Nelson
Chloe Arnold
(United States, 2018) 2:36


Dear Black Girls poster SFDFF Co-Laboratory film
A new dance film will bring together the collaboration of choreographers Isha Clarke (Youth vs Apocalypse) and Shayla Avery (Youth Protect the Bay) and film director Yoram Savion (YAK Films)
Yoram Savion
Isha Clarke, Shayla Avery
(United States, 2020) 9:00

Co-Lab Film–Dear Black Girls

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