Natyam tells the story of Sitara, a passionate classical dancer who has been dedicated to her craft since the tender age of 6.

When Sitara begins her training, her mentor promises to teach her the mysterious ‘Story of Kadhambari’ provided she becomes a qualified dancer. Twenty years later, in spite of her success, her mentor refuses to teach her the choreography. Still, Sitara is determined to achieve her dream of performing the ‘Story of Kadhambari’ and she embarks on an adventure to do just that. Along the way, Sitara befriends another dancer whose ambitions and training are much different than her own. Ultimately, Sitara’s journey leads her along an eye opening pathway to self-discovery.

Program Supported by Consulate General of India San Francisco

Film is unavailable for viewing in India

Program Info

October 15 - October 24
Venue: Streaming on Marquee TV
$11.99 / $50 (festival pass)
Director: Revanth Korukonda
Choreographer: Sandhya Raju, Sai Venkata Ganagdhar, Manognya Balaraju, Aayana Dance Company, Viswa Raghu, Trishita Dengupta, Rishi Sharma, Sowmya Kautia, Rohit Behal, Michael Tej Raj, Javeed Sheik, Mohit Baid, Nithin K Venu
(India, 2020) 130 min – English subtitles
Genre: Narrative Feature | Bolllywood