Animation and experimental film explored through analog media and technology.

Dance is taken to thrilling new heights on the screen in these thirteen innovative films. Filmmakers get creative with a variety of media like never before, creating transportive shorts with stop-motion animation, slick editing, and new approaches to 16mm film.

Co-Presenter: Gray Area

Program Info

Runtime: 57 minutes

October 15 - October 24

Venue: Streaming on Marquee TV

$8.99 / $45 (shorts pass) / $50 (festival pass)

Program Films

People In Cities

Still from People in Cities by Rosie Trump dance film at SFDFF 2021
Short stop motion dance film which assembles over three thousand still images.
Rosie Trump
Rosie Trump

Emergent System

Still from "Emergent System" by Joshua Frankel dance film at SFDFF 2021
An experimental animated film exploring the boundary between abstraction and narrative and ways in which one can emerge from the other
Joshua Frankel
Faye Driscoll


Still from OME by Camila Arroyo dance film at SFDFF 2021
OME is an 8 mm choreographic portrait of a Mexican dancer in Brooklyn, New York.
Camila Arroyo
Camila Arroyo


Still from Chimera by Laura Bachman dance film at SFDFF 2021
Chimera evokes a world in which the lines between reality and fiction are blurred. Through shifting, morphing, and unfolding images, the film calls into question how we capture that flux
Laura Bachman, Gogolplex
Laura Bachman

True Sound Facade

True Sound Facade
True Sound Facade is a poetic dance and animation film in which a dancer realizes their digital self feels truer than their real world self
Laura N-Tamara
Kino McHugh

Time Garden: Dawn Replica

Still from Time Garden: Morning Cinematic by Scotty Hardwig dance film at SFDFF 2021
Dawn Replica is a choreographic animation that presents a chimeric vision of the human body. This film is the first movement in a larger suite of works called Time Garden which was created at the intersection of music, visual art and dance in virtual reality
Scotty Hardwig
Scotty Hardwig

Null Objects

Still from "Null Objects" by Katherine Helen Fisher dance film at SFDFF 2021
Null Objects explores technology’s ability to swallow the human form to create a cyber being and how this phenomena relates to the plastic unknowable nature of the self. Through collaged and fractured imagery, a cyber dreamscape emerges.
Katherine Helen Fisher
Katherine Helen Fisher

The Ghost Of New York

Still from The Ghost of NY by Dominic Lahiff dance film at SFDFF 2021
With Times Square storefronts shuttered and stages gone dark, a New York City dancer uses neon soaked streets as his canvas and transforms a year of pain into a symphony of beauty
Dominic Lahiff

Attention Span

Still from "Attention Span" by Mitchell Rose dance film at SFDFF 2021
Shot from 16 different camera angles and edited at a rapid pace, Attention Span seeks to challenge its audiences' perception of perspective and passage of time.
Mitchell Rose
Emily Arden Jones

Tango Of Longing

Still from Tango of Longing by Marta Szymańska dance film at SFDFF 2021
A sumptuously animated ode to the power of tango.
Marta Szymanska
Marta Szymanska


Still from "Exhale" by Moniek van der Kallen dance film at SFDFF 2021
A reflection on healing, catharsis, and ultimately regaining confidence in your own instincts and body
Moniek van der Kallen
Moniek van der Kallen

Another Day

Film still from Layna Miyazaki Another Day dance film SFDFF 2021
Surrounded by blue skies, tall trees, and an open horizon, a solo dancer takes pause to harmonize with nature
Layna Miyazaki
Lucy Jones

Gravitational Dance

Still from "Gravitational Dance" by Sahar Dehghan dance film at SFDFF 2021
Gravitational Dance reimagines its cast of dancers as colliding and expanding galaxies composed of neutron stars and black holes
Sahar Dehghan
Sahar Dehghan