Dance Heals

An ongoing series of self-discovery and healing through dance.

In Dance Heals, discover how screendance unleashes new possibilities for fluid self-expression. Moving through sexuality, family relations, and difficult pasts, these eight documentary-focused shorts bravely explore how dance can be a medium for asserting identity and healing the wounds of the past.

Co-Presenter: Amy Seiwert’s Imagery

Program Info

Runtime: 64 minutes

October 15 - October 24

Venue: Streaming on Marquee TV

$8.99 / $45 (shorts pass) / $50 (festival pass)

Program Films

What The Body Holds

Still from What The Body Holds by Matthew McKee dance film at SFDFF 2021
What the Body Holds was created by Imagery artistic fellow Ben Needham-Wood in collaboration with filmmaker Matthew McKee
Matthew McKee
Ben Needham-Wood

Made Of Everything

Still from Made of Everything by Lucy Doherty dance film at SFDFF 2021
Made of Everything combines dance and documentary to explore the combined experiences of three sisters as they reflect on their individual perspectives on death, grief, and connection, five years after losing their mother to breast cancer
Lucy Doherty
Lucy Doherty

Still, Here I Am

Jessica Law STILL HERE I AM dance film at SFDFF 2021
What does time feel like when you face your own mortality? This is the question that spurred the creation of Still, Here I Am
Jessica Law
Matthew 'ET' Gibbs


Still from Exufrida by Marco Martins dance film at SFDFF 2021
A compeitive gymnast recovers from a catastrophic accident
Cícero Fraga
Beatrice Martins, Raquel Karro

Dancer Amit Patel is Reinventing Bollywo...

Dancer Amit Patel is Reinventing Bollywood His Way dance film at SFDFF 2021
Dancer, choreographer and Youtuber Amit Patel reinvents Bollywood dance, while also creating space for queer expression in the South Asian community and beyond
Charlotte Buchen Khadra
Amit Patel

Fading Back In

Trevor Williams Fading Back In dance film at SFDFF 2021
Starring celebrated up-and-coming dancer Sam Szabo, Fading Back In is a tone poem about the moment when you chose to move forward in the face of depression.
Lauren Greenhall
Sam Szabo

Finding My Feet

Still from Finding My Feet Omari Carter dance film at SFDFF 2021
Finding My Feet explores the frustrations, doubts and struggle an injured dancer endures to find their feet again
Omari Carter
Omari Carter

Snaps For Momo

Snaps For Momo Best Student Film Winner SFDFF 2021
Inspiring documentary about Oakland-based dancer Momo LeBeau
Anna-Lena Ponath
Momo LeBeau