Surreal landscapes found within and without.

These shorts embrace the screen as a medium of its own, putting dancers in unusual and daring new places and positions. From animated explorations of modern architecture to vibrant activations of soundstages to restagings of classic paintings, you can only see this type of dance on the screen.

Program Info

Runtime: 73 minutes

October 15 - October 24

Venue: Streaming on Marquee TV

$8.99 / $45 (shorts pass) / $50 (festival pass)

Program Films

Los Perros del Barrio Colosal

Still from Los Perros del Barrio Colosal by Omar Román De Jesús dance film at SFDFF 2021
A wild romp through the challenges of creative decision making
Drew Brown & Omar Román De Jesús
Omar Román De Jesús


Still from Grief by PEYRARD FLORENCE dance film at SFDFF 2021
Sumptuous imagery and a surreal tone set the stage for grief
Peyrard Florence, Max Gozy, Bastien Fiche
Florence Peyrard


Still from Jontae by Siam Obregon and Kyana Lyne dance film at SFDFF 2021
A young man alone in an empty swimming pool finds himself drowning in the emotional fall out and trauma of racism and racist violence
Siam Obregon, Kyana Lyne
Kyana Lyne


Still from Desasosiego by Aina Lanas dance film at SFDFF 2021
Lead by a quartet of quirky performers, Desasosiego is a playful jaunt set to the soulful music of Raquel Lúa
Aina Lanas Cartes
Aina Lanas, Tina Marti

Salidas (Departures)

Still from SALIDAS (Departures) by Virginia Martin dance film at SFDFF 2021 photo: Valentin Selmke
Salidas (Departures) tells the story of Giralda, an undertaker who accompanies deceased human beings into their afterlife
Michael Fetter Nathansky
Christiane "La Mona"


Still from Impeto by Walter Escamilla dance film at SFDFF 2021
An experimental film that combines dance, music and architecture to create a singular vision of the human body in space
Juan Ruy Castaño
Sarah Storer


Still from Bória by Brzemi Zdjcie dance film at SFDFF 2021
Bória offers its viewers a visual feast, featuring Zofia Stryjeńska’s painting, Seasons. November – December, Pageant I - with a Deer brought to life by the dancers of The Polish Dance Theatre. Inspired by both Polish and Hutsul folk culture, Bória examines the juxtaposition of the individual experience with that of collective expectation
Iwona Pasińska
Iwona Pasińska

Toy Box

Still from Toy Box with Zoe Hollinshead dance film at SFDFF 2021
A dancer discovers a portal into the whimsical world of her childhood imagination
Nathan Hirschaut
Nathan Hirschaut

Still Life: Tabeo

Still from Still Life:Tabeo by Ryan Renshaw dance film at SFDFF 2021
Short dance film offering viewers a striking visual environment in which perspective, gravity, and the procession of time are all called into question
Ryan Renshaw
Jake Koning, Jack Lister

It Cries Too Loudly

Stil from It Cries Too Loudly by Dolly Sfeir dance film at SFDFF 2021
Devastated and powerless as she watched the 2020 Beirut explosion and its aftermath from afar, Lebanese American choreographer and director Dolly Sfeir set about creating a work to express her delicate state of mind
Dolly Sfeir
Dolly Sfeir